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Bugünün Saraylısı − The Noble of Today (TV Series 2013-2014)

Bugünün Saraylısı (English Title: The Noble of Today) is a Turkish romance drama featuring Begüm Akkaya as Feride Katipoglu & Alihan Araci as Cetin Katipoglu.

Bugünün Saraylısı Synopsis

Katiboglu, a noble family, is having hard times financially. Young and millionaire Aysen, who has never seen a place other than the vineyard house in Kayseri in her life, buys the family’s mansion.


Begüm AkkayaFeride Katipoglu
Alihan AraciCetin Katipoglu
Gözde CigaciSüreyya Ataman
Gülenay KalkanRezzan Ataman
Hikmet KaragözCahit Usta

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