Kismet Episode 10 English Subtitles

Kismet Episode 10 English Subtitles

Kısmet is a series that talks about Türkiye. It is a story about love. Doğan is a very smart, very deep man. He was psychologically and sociologically abused while growing up and he protected himself by creating his own island in his mind. This is why he attracts people like a magnet. In the midst of boring and repetitive relationships and uncreative family models, Doğan is lucky to find his soul mate, but Melike has a different code and cannot let Doğan into her life. As a young woman severely crippled by her mother, she always goes after what is presented as rational, not what her heart desires.

One day, when she questions her unhappiness and realizes all this, she falls in love with Doğan. As soon as she falls in love, she realizes that she has actually loved him for twenty-five years despite the two marriages she has been through. Love is a mechanism that works in competent hands, otherwise, it grabs your hand and grabs your soul. Melike is completely ignorant about this. She only knows the male model who worships her. Doğan worships no one. He doesn’t give Melike the service she is used to. He doesn’t even need to. Because he has a more sophisticated perception of the relationship between men and women.

While we watch the story of Doğan and Melike neither getting together nor breaking up, we also turn our eyes to the lives of the other residents of the Kısmet apartment building where they live.

Because while the “modern age” offers people all the conveniences to be either exhibitionists, followers or both, people are also very skillful and willing to keep up with the times.

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