Ne Gemiler Yaktim Episode 4 English Subtitles

Ne Gemiler Yaktim Episode 4 English Subtitles

The story begins with the crossing of paths between Fidan and Yasemin, who have nothing in common except motherhood.

Yasemin is a young mother who lost her husband while she was pregnant, who takes care of her daughter Rengin by facing all the difficulties alone, who is in trouble with lack of money, and who is a bit crazy. Fidan is the opposite; she is a withdrawn, anxious person who is always trying to protect her daughter Zeynep from an unseen danger. When Yasemin loses her daughter one day at the mall they go to, she goes crazy. When Fidan finds Rengin by chance and delivers her to her mother, they meet for the first time. Although they don’t know it yet, nothing will be the same for both women from now on.

Fidan’s husband Rutkay, a dark man left behind by Fidan; the chief inspector Toprak, who is trying to expose Rutkay’s dirty deeds; and Yasemin and Fidan, who try to survive by supporting each other, get closer to each other step by step with their intertwined stories.

A crime that Yasemin and Fidan inadvertently become a part of leads them into a complex web of events. Despite being unlikely to cross paths under ordinary circumstances, these two women form a bond over the secret they share. They support each other in their struggle to navigate the challenges of being women and mothers and become a source of comfort for each other.

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