Uvey Anne Episode 7 English Subtitles

Uvey Anne Episode 7 English Subtitles

Faruk Gencer, the boss of Gencer Seramik, did his best to cure his ill wife, Efsun, but lost her in Bodrum while returning from treatment. While Faruk was returning to his mansion in Istanbul with his children after losing his only love, Efsun, he was unaware that they would be the victim of the envy of Serap, who came with them.

In fact, Serap had come to that house with them at first reluctantly. She did not want to babysit the children of Faruk Gencer, whom she was his assistant, but could not say “no” to Piraye Beyzade, one of the leading names of Muğla notables. Because Serap’s mother, Murvet, was the nurturing of the Piraye Ladies, and Serap studied with their support and started to live in the environment she always wanted as Faruk Gencer’s right-hand man at Gencer Seramik.

Serap’s main purpose was to settle down with a noble and wealthy person from that circle. But now, Piraye Hanım wanted to entrust her grandchildren Nisan, Naz and Ömer to an educated, reliable and loving woman, and Serap was the perfect fit for the job.

When Serap settled in Faruk’s mansion, she asked “why”. “Why can’t I have all of these?” After all, because she was born in an outbuilding, not in the Beyzades’ mansion, life had screwed her up with the twenty-meter distance between the two houses, and Serap had to look “good” to cover that distance, and she tried very hard.

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