Adim Farah Episode 14 Release Date? What will happen in Adim Farah new episode?

Adim Farah Episode 14 English Subtitle release date will be on Wednesday, May 31st at 21:00. This article contains spoilers for the FOX‘s television series Adim Farah episode 14 English subtitle and coordinates the movement date and where to watch on the web.

Adim Farah Episode 14 Summary

Hearing the attack on the vehicle with Bade and Farah, Mehmet and Tahir immediately rush to the hospital where they were taken. Farah is in shock. Bade has undergone a serious operation. It will again fall to Farah to calm Tahir, who is chasing who did the attack, and to include him in the big plan he is in with Bade and Mehmet. However, Tahir has another plan in mind, which Ali Galip has sentenced himself.

Orhan and Ali Galip, on the other hand, came very close to realizing the plan to complete the large shipment and withdraw underground. What they don’t know is that now they have a team that knows their plans. Although Farah is afraid of Tahir’s silence, everything is still over; She dreams of the day she goes with the man she loves and her son Kerimşah.

Gönül and Kaan’s wedding may be the last peaceful night. Everyone who stands by each other and watches while the bride and groom dance at the wedding that night will take action for the great war they will engage in the next day.

Adim Farah Episode 13 Summary

Farah will be on her feet after learning that Behnam is alive. Tahir’s good intentions, the possibility of Kerimşah’s salvation and the sticking of the unknown in Iran awakened the sleeping giant. Who is this Behnam, what is his strength? What will a boy do when he finds out that he has heir? What kind of fate awaits Tahir and Farah, who dream of a new life?

The pen that Farah places in Ali Galip’s house will bear fruit, and Mehmet will learn the physical meeting of White Kuzu and Black Kuzu thanks to listening. Unaware that the black lamb Orhan is the chief, what will happen to Mehmet while he is chasing a meeting? Bade and Farah will be the prime suspects when the security leak is learned. What will Aga do when she finds out about this betrayal? Farah is now on the radar of both the deep and the father of her child.

Adim Farah Episode 12 Summary

Farah learns from Mehmet that it was Ali Galip who killed Kerimşah’s donor. But if he tells Tahir, he is afraid of the consequences and decides to hide this fact from Tahir. Tahir, on the other hand, goes after the one who killed the donor. On the other hand, he needs the information he will find through Mehmet, and the two men pursue a common enemy for the first time. While Ak Kuzu is one step closer to revealing the Black Kuzu organization; Ali Galip and Orhan are aware of this danger.

Forced to cooperate with Mehmet’s pressure, Farah has only one goal, to leave everything behind and go away with Tahir and his son. With Tahir’s warm welcome to this plan, a hopeful future is on the horizon for the two lovers. However, the information that Tahir has reached with the steps he has taken regarding the salvation of Kerimşah leaves him in a conscientious dilemma. Either he will share this information with Farah, which will be hope for Kerimşah, or he will gamble with Kerimşah’s future and walk towards the future he imagined with Farah. While dealing with this dilemma, Tahir ignited a new problem that developed out of his control, causing a sleeping giant to wake up.

Adim Farah Episode 11 Summary

The donor’s death changed everything. Farah feels that this death was not simply an accident. Even though Tahir hides it from Farah, he is after the perpetrator and the instigator. Everything turns upside down as a result of Tahir’s reckless action. It is imperative that Tahir and Farah take shelter in a more sheltered AGA house.

Mehmet, on the other hand, is now sure of a leak in the safety while investigating what the black lamb is. What is this black lamb and white lamb mains? Who is behind it? Is it a right move for Bade, who learned that his uncle had the donor killed, to tell this information to Mehmet the chief? And no matter what happens, will Farah be able to hide from her love for Tahir?

Adim Farah Episode 10 Summary

After what happened in the hospital, some time passed. After Farah’s reaction, he stayed away from Tahir Farah and Kerimşah, and put aside his dreams of an ordinary happy life. But the fact that Tahir and Farah’s marriage will be controlled by the authorities changes everything.

Mehmet has stopped dealing with Tahir and is pursuing bigger goals. The clue he’s been looking for comes across unexpectedly…

Gönül and Kaan’s return from their honeymoon The problem that Koşanerler and Akıncılar are necessarily married turns into a situation that Gönül cannot accept when Gönül settles in Akıncılar’s house. Perihan is alone on the way to win her daughter back.

Although Tahir and Farah have to stay together out of necessity, no matter how many obstacles they put between themselves, their every move brings them closer to being a family. While counting the days for Kerimşah’s recovery, new developments are at the door when they realize that this will not be easy.

Adim Farah Episode 9 Summary

Tahir is walking the path of being a family with Farah. Now is the right time to express your feelings. ‘I declare love.’ A surprise to Farah will shock Farah as well. Farah will have to make a decision now. Maybe it’s time to face up to being both a mother and a woman.  

Although they are unaware of Mehmet and Tahir’s journey, it will not be the same as before. Can two brothers be hostile to each other? Can they stay the same if they know they are siblings?

While Tahir is trying to clean up his life, Mehmet won’t let him raise his head. Because now it’s personal. As you dig into Tahir’s past, a truth that Farah doesn’t know will come to light. What is the reason for this child to bite life like this? What happened to him in his youth? How will Farah feel when she faces this?

Tahir will also have one last word to say to Mehmet. This is a very painful word. It will break all of Mehmet’s memorization and upset his balance.

The radical decision of Kaan and Gönül with their lives will deeply affect both families. Akıncılar and Koşanerler are destined to come together again after many years. So, is it our past that makes us who we are, or is it our present? Tahir and Farah will be tested by answering this question.

Adim Farah Episode 8 Summary

The order given by Ali Galip to kill Mehmet’s chief commissioner is a difficult task for Tahir to accept. On the other hand, getting rid of Mehmet will be the key to starting a new life for Tahir. While Tahir is struggling with this dilemma, Farah is struggling with a completely different feeling. He realizes that he is starting to fall for Tahir.

Gönül and Perihan set out to be with Farah, not knowing whose address belongs to Tahir and Farah’s wedding to be held at Ali Galip’s house. And they face the biggest surprise of their lives. While many secrets were revealed that day, an armed raid took place at the moment of signing and the marriage did not take place.

Although Tahir and Farah cannot get married, this wedding adventure will bring them closer.

Meanwhile, Tahir has moved away from the idea of ​​killing Mehmet, but when Mehmet learns from Bade that he will be assassinated when he realizes that this task has been given to Tahir, he becomes enraged and goes to hold Tahir to account with great anger. However, the fact that neither of them knows is that this event that brought them face to face is actually the result of another story that tied their fates long ago…

Adim Farah Episode 7 Summary

Farah and Tahir fall into the fugitive situation without knowing the fate of Bekir. Tahir will hide his mother and son in a mountain house where no one can find him, at the cost of his own life. AGA thinks that Tahir gave the gun that was the evidence when Kaan was arrested. Tahir is aware of this situation and is willing to accept his fate. While thinking of saving Farah and his son and sacrificing himself, he has one last wish; spending a peaceful last day like a family… Will Farah understand what Tahir is hiding and what to do? Farah will share her past with someone for the first time. With Tahir Lekesiz.

Mehmet thinks that he has won the victory, that he has solved the murder. Thus, he not only caught the murderer but also eliminated the danger that had come to his sister. But there is one thing he forgets: One way or another, the truth comes out. Did Kaan really commit the murder? Or is there another conspiracy behind it? The balances within the Akıncı family will change and be shaken after Bekir’s stabbing and Kaan’s arrest. Bade will feel abandoned and betrayed. 

Ali Galip’s threatening visit to Orhan will open the curtain of the past a little more. Do these two men have a common sin from the past? Nothing will ever be the same for Tahir, Farah, or the Akıncılar family.

Adim Farah Episode 6 Summary

Tahir is disappointed when he learns that Farah is lying. Thinking that she can no longer stay at Tahir’s house and preparing to return home, Farah finds Tahir in front of her. Although Tahir gives him another chance, Farah cannot give up on her own truth and their confrontation is inevitable. An unexpected surprise guest knocks on Farah’s door, who has no choice but to testify, in order to solve all her problems.

Farah is very impressed by Tahir’s surprise offer.

But meanwhile, Mehmet learns that Gönül’s boyfriend is Kaan, and he sees nothing and arrests Kaan. The deal Mehmet will offer to Tahir will deflect all events in another direction.

Adim Farah Episode 5 Summary

With the donor good news from Tahir, Farah gives up on witnessing Mehmet. Mehmet has no intention of letting go of Farah. After the events, Aga and Tahir have a big showdown and an uncertain process begins for Tahir, where he must protect both Farah and himself. When he realized that he could not break Farah’s stubbornness with beauty; Mehmet decides to play the game harder. His goal is to make Farah think she will be deported and force her to testify. When events unexpectedly spiral out of control, Farah’s fear of deport becomes reality. Tahir has to race against time to save Farah. Farah may be saved by Tahir’s efforts, but this adventure has opened the door to a new problem that Tahir and Farah could not foresee.

Adim Farah Episode 4 Summary

When Tahir pulls the trigger instead of Farah, it causes a very new problem between Aga and Tahir. Has the kinship ended, has the animosity begun? Aga will make Tahir pay a heavy price for obeying his order. Farah has no one left to rely on to survive but Tahir. While Tahir is protecting Farah and Kerimşah, neither of them is aware that Kerimşah has told everything to Mehmet. When Farah learns that Mehmet is talking to Kerimşah, she warns him to stay away from his son. Meanwhile, Mehmet; He will tell Farah the past of Tahir, whom he trusts, with evidence and ask him to make the right decision for himself.

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Adim Farah Episode 3 Summary

Farah, whose child’s life is at risk, is unaware that Tahir, for whom she seeks help, was originally assigned to eliminate him. As AGA said; The woman’s gaze and the child’s laughter have put her conscience on the shelf, will Tahir be able to penetrate her skin?

On the other hand, as Mehmet approaches Farah step by step, it will be more difficult for Farah to escape from Mehmet. Retired chief Orhan finds himself in the middle of events that he never expected; Seeing Vera in her neighborhood means recalling unpleasant memories for Perihan.

Gönül will meet again with Kaan, whom she knows under the name Emir, and her blood will warm up even more. AGA’s use of Farah is worse than killing and a very difficult test awaits Farah.

Adim Farah Episode 2 Summary

Farah could not escape her fate once again and was caught by Tahir.

While Ali Galip’s saving his life keeps him alive for now, he and Tahir begin to wait for Ali Galip’s decision for him. Although the decision he made regarding this woman and her son, who saved Ali Galip’s life but also threatened his son’s life, gives Farah a sigh of relief for now, the future is uncertain.

Tahir, on the other hand, gets into a dead end with Ali Galip’s original decision. Tahir, who fulfills every order of the boss who has taken care of him all his life, is stuck somewhere between his heart and mind this time. Will he take the life of an innocent woman and leave a sick child motherless in this life, or will he help Farah survive?

As time is running out, Mehmet gets closer to figuring out who the woman in Tahir’s car was on the night of the murder. Gönül, on the other hand, is not even aware that she is about to establish a close relationship with the murderer of her childhood friend.

Adim Farah Episode 1 Summary

Farah had to stay in Istanbul after escaping from Iran and learning that she was pregnant; Instead of his main profession as a surgeon, he starts working as a cleaning worker. Farah managed to be both a mother and a doctor to her son Kerimşah, who has a congenital balloon disease known as PIY; There is nothing he cannot do for his son and his treatment.

One night, he comes face to face with Tahir Lekesiz on the occasion of the tragic event he unwittingly witnessed in a cleaning place. Tahir; He is one of the top members of a family business dealing with illegal business and is a loyal man to his boss who saved his life and raised him at a young age. But that night, he finds himself in an unexpected situation for the first time.

While Farah is torn between keeping quiet or speaking out for justice, Tahir has to decide for the first time in his life about the fate of an innocent woman and child.

Adim Farah Plot, Story, Synopsis

Farah (Demet Özdemir) is a 28-year-old Iranian woman. While fleeing from Iran to France 6 years ago, she had to stop in Istanbul because she learned that she was pregnant. He begins to live here as a fugitive. Moreover, his son Kerimşah’ (Rastin Pakhanad) has a rare disease. Since the immune system is very weak from birth, Kerimşah is open to diseases. Therefore, it has to live in a sterile environment. Despite having a medical education, Farah works illegally as a cleaner in Istanbul. Farah’s goal in life is for her son Kerimşah to get healthy and to have a life like normal children. He will save money as soon as possible and complete his son’s treatment and go to France again.

But Farah’s world is turned upside down overnight. He witnesses a murder committed by the mafia in a place he goes to clean and meets Tahir Lekesiz (Engin Akyürek). Farah, at the cost of her life, cleans the scene without leaving any traces. However, since he is an eyewitness to the murder, the mafia wants him killed and this task is given to Tahir. Tahir is a lonely man who grew up with the mafia leader. Things get even more difficult for Farah when it turns out that the deceased was a cop. On the other hand, the police are being pressured by Mehmet (Fırat Tanış).

Tahir and Farah will also be tested by the emotions they cannot avoid in this life-or-death dilemma.

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