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Ali Biçim (born April 17, 1987; Izmit, Kocaeli) is a Turkish actor, presenter, and social media phenomenon. In 2001, he moved to Istanbul to study at Bahçelievler Anatolian High School. He graduated from Bahçelievler Anatolian High School in 2005. He started to study at Beykent University in 2007. He graduated from Beykent University in 2011.

Profile Name: Ali Biçim
Born:  17 April 1987
Birth Place: İzmit, Turkey
Currently Dating: Single
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In 2011, he shot a parody clip of Michael Jackson’s song “Just Pide”, which he recorded inspired by ” Beat It ” and posted it on YouTube. In the same year, he sang a parody version of Yalın ‘s song ” Ki Sen “, titled “Elelim Nasırlı”, and for this, he shot a parody video clip and posted it on YouTube. After that, he wrote and acted in sketches for the King of Disco, which was broadcast on TV8, together with Okan Bayülgen in 2011. In January 2013, she started her tour called Baya Good, where she sang and performed stand-up shows.

He played in the TV series “My Father Stayed in the Class”, which was broadcast on FOX, which started in July 2013 and was canceled in November 2015. He returned to television with Ali Format Show, which started broadcasting on the same channel in July 2014. The program was canceled after its 13th episode.

In October 2017, his book Bu Ne Kind Story, which tells about his life, career, and staying away from television, was published by İnkılâp Publishing House.

In 2019, he started to appear with Mesut Can Tomay in the videos of popular YouTubers. Then, after a long hiatus, he started his YouTube career with Tomay in December 2019 and returned to the screen after a long hiatus of 8 years. Over 1 million subscribers in less than 2 months.

Together with Tomay, he released the TV series ” Full Head Caravan ” on his YouTube channel.

Movies And TV Series


2011–2012Medya Kralı
2011–2012Disko Kralı
2013Babam Sınıfta KaldıYazgan
2014Ali Biçim ShowKendisiServer
2018Tam KafadanŞenol
2020Menajerimi AraKendisi


2016propaganda 2
2019Sar BasaOral
2020From Head to Caravan

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