Ayçin İnci

Ayçin İnci (born May 3, 1980; Istanbul, Turkey) is a Turkish TV series and film actress. He graduated from Üsküdar High School in 1997. Graduated from Open Education Faculty, Department of Economics, İnci received training at Şahika Tekand Acting Workshop in 2005.

Profile Name: Ayçin İnci
Height: 5′9″
Born: 3 May 1980
Birth Place: İstanbul, Turkey
Currently Dating: Single
Instagram Profile: https://www.instagram.com/aycininci/?hl=en

She was born on May 3, 1980, as the daughter of Murat İnci and Çiğdem Karakoç.

He started his acting career with the TV series Kurşun Yarası, in which he starred for the first time in 2003. Previously, since 2001, he has also been featured in various commercials. In 2005, Sen Ne Dilersen was the first film he took a role in, and a year later he made his theater debut with the play Eurideke’s Cry.

On July 7, 2007, she married Ahmet Mümtaz Taylan, who is also an actress like herself. The couple divorced in 2012 by mutual agreement. Although it was claimed that İnci had cheated on Ahmet Mümtaz Taylan with Serdal Genç or Sarp Levendoğlu as the reason for the couple’s divorce, these allegations were denied. She married Serdal Genç in July 2013 and divorced in 2015 by mutual agreement.

Ayçin İnci is the granddaughter of Yeşilçam actress Bilal İnci and the sister of actress Ayça İnci.

Movies And TV Series


2003-2005Kurşun YarasıOlimpiaHeadliner
2007Kara DuvakGülbiye MevlütoğluHeadliner
2007Oğlum İçinNihanHeadliner
2008Benim Annem Bir MelekNalan TuruncuHeadliner
2011Mor MenekşelerKöfte LemanSupporting Character
2012İbret-i AilemKenan’ın SevgilisiSupporting Character
2013Salih KuşuDerinSupporting Character
2013Tozlu YollarHandanSupporting Character
2014Ne DiyosuunBinnurSupporting Character
2014Üç ArkadaşJülideHeadliner
2016-2017O Hayat BenimZuhalSupporting Character
2018-2019Bir Litre GözyaşıSevdaSupporting Character
2019Arka SokaklarCananSupporting Character
2020Kuzey Yıldızı İlk AşkFahriyeSupporting Character
2021Sana SözAyselHeadliner


2005Sen Ne DilersenSen Ne DilersenSupporting Character
2007Mavi Gözlü DevCahide SonkuSupporting Character
2014One Night in IstanbulKumandanSupporting Character
2014Yusuf YusufFeriyeSupporting Character
2016Sen Sağ Ben SelametSupporting Character
2017Canavar Gibi Türk İşi FrankeştaynGülbiyeHeadliner

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