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Ayşegül Cengiz (born 10 December 1974, Antaly) is a physician, theater, cinema, and TV series actress, and director. She is an actress, known for Merhamet (2013), Yarim Kalan Asklar (2020), and Ikimizin Yerine (2016).

NameAyşegül Cengiz
Date of Birth10 December 1974
Birth PlaceAntalya, Turkey
CollegeIstanbul University Faculty of Medicine
Years active2004–present
Currently DatingMarried (Mehmet Akman)

Ayşegül Cengiz Biography

Ayşegül Cengiz was born in 1974 in Alanya. She graduated from Istanbul Medical Faculty in 1999. She became a Family Physician specialist in 2004. During her medical education, she worked in the Istanbul Medical Faculty Theater Group (İTFTT) for 6 years and took part in various plays. In 1995 and 1999, French actress and director Amedee Bricolo participated in her acting training with the ensemble. She was archived on the Wayback Machine on September 5, 2019.

Cengiz, who took part in many projects of the group as an actress, directed the children’s play called The School of Jesters in 1999. Studio Players was founded by Şahika Tekand. She studied acting and art from 2004-2006. In 2006, she took part as assistant director and actress in the play ‘Evridike’nin Çığlılığı’ written and directed by Şahika Tekand. In 2008, Studio Actors rewrote Beckett’s play ‘Not I-Ben Değil’ as part of Young Projects and staged it as ‘No I- Hayır Ben’.

In 2012, she worked as an assistant director in Beckett’s play ‘Play-Oyun’ produced by Şahika Tekand at Istanbul City Theatre. In 2014, she worked as an assistant director and actress in the play ‘Gergedanlaşma2.014’ written and directed by Şahika Tekand. She took part as a guest actress in Şahika Tekand’s play ‘Play-Oyun’ staged at Istanbul City Theaters in 2014.

Movies And TV Series


2012Öyle Bir Geçer Zaman KiFiruzan
2013-2014MerhametKara Hatice
2014Aşkın KanunuSosyal Hizmetler UzmanıGuest Star
2015Analar ve AnnelerHilmiyeGuest Star
2017Içimdeki FirtinaSibel
2017-2018Hayat SırlarıMelek PaşalıSupporting Actor
2020Yarim Kalan AsklarPrincipal
2020-2021KefaretMünevver Demir
2023Yüz Yıllık MucizeSacide


2012Pardon! Kim? Ben mi?Müdür
2014Okul GezisiAnne
2016Ikimizin YerineSerife
2020Yeniden Leyla

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Ayşegül Cengiz FAQ

Ayşegül Cengiz Age?

Ayşegül Cengiz is 48 years old as of 2023.

Ayşegül Cengiz Height?

Ayşegül Cengiz is 5’3″ tall.

Ayşegül Cengiz Weight?

Ayşegül Cengiz’s weight is 52 kg.

Ayşegül Cengiz Boyfriend, Relationship & Love Affair?

Ayşegül Cengiz is married to Mehmet Akman.

Ayşegül Cengiz Social Networks?

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