Bad news about the love of Özge Yağız and her lover!

Özge Yağız, who became famous for her character Reyhan in the TV series Yemin, fell in love with Gökberk Demirci, with whom she shared the lead role in the same series, and then the couple decided to marry. The famous couple, who is very liked by their fans, continues to delight their followers by sharing their happy union on social media at every opportunity.

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Özge Yağız and Gökberk Demirci’s latest posts on social media received great appreciation. Look how her lover Gökberk Demirci responded to Özge Yağız’s acclaimed black and white pose.

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Özge Yağız’s performance in the new series, who left the Yemin series and started her career journey this season, and continues with the character of Büşra in the Baba series, is highly appreciated by her fans.

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Özge Yağız, who appeared on the screens with the character of Büşra in the TV series Baba, in which she shared the lead roles with Haluk Bilginer and Tolga Sarıtaş, continues to draw attention with both her love and business life.

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She had even received a fabulous marriage proposal and accepted it.

Recently she was interviewed by the reporter who asked her the following question “Recently, you received a marriage proposal from your lover Gökberk Demirci? How did you feel?”

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To which she replied, “My relationship with Gökberk is going very well. The marriage proposal I received was beyond my dreams. I never thought I would be so surprised and surprised. I was very happy”.

Ozge Yagiz and Gokberk Demirci 3 - Turkish World

At that time, they announced that they would get married soon. It was claimed that Gökberk Demirci and Özge Yağız would get married this year.

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Responding to the news about marriage, Özge Yağız said, “I received a marriage proposal last September. I am not thinking of marriage right now. We have a very good relationship.” Özge Yağız‘s statement was surprising.

Ozge Yagiz and Gokberk Demirci - Turkish World

And now recently she shared a post on Instagram, where 2.8 million people follow the beautiful actress. She attracted a lot of attention with the black and white pose he shared on social media and was almost showered with admiration by his fans.

Özge Yağız’s lover Gökberk Demirci could not remain indifferent to the black and white pose. Here is that post…

Ozge Yagiz - Turkish World

Responding to her last post with a black heart emoji, Gökberk Demirci not only did not miss the last pose of his beloved Özge Yağız, but also declared his love to everyone once again, and with this gesture, fans thought there might be something bad going on with their relationship.

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