Barış Arduç

Barış Arduç (born 9 October 1987) is a Swiss-born Turkish actor. After meeting theater actress Ayla Algan, he started professional acting. His breakthrough came with the premiere of Kiralık Aşk (2015–2017). Apart from his television career, he is also featured in motion pictures. With Kiralık Aşk, Arduç is a two-time award winner at the Golden Butterfly TV Awards (2015 and 2016). He is also a recipient of the Sadri Family Theater and Cinema Award. From May 2016, he is also a Goodwill Ambassador for the Life Without Cancer Society of Turkey. In March 2017, he won the GQ Turkey award for “Mostly Spoken Man of the Year 2016”.

Profile Name: Barış Arduç
Height: 6′2″
Born: 9 October 1987
Birth Place: Münsterlingen, Switzerland
Currently Dating: Married (Gupse Özay)
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Barış Arduç was born on 9 October 1987 in Scherzinger, Switzerland, as the middle child of real estate agents Gülay and Erol Arduç. He has one older brother, Onur, and one younger brother Mert. His parents moved to Switzerland before he was born. At the age of 8, he permanently moved to Turkey with his family and went to school in Sakarya and Gölcük. Due to the 1999 İzmit earthquake which affected Gölcük, he was forced to move to Bolu with his family. After finishing middle school and passing 1st grade of high school, his family moved to Istanbul where he continued his high school education. Arduç’s father is also of Albanian descent.

After graduating from high school, he won the scholarship of Sports Academy of Kayseri’s Erciyes University but returned to Istanbul when he could not adapt to the school in the first year. Being actively involved in sports such as swimming, diving, football, basketball, handball, he joined the Turkey Underwater Sports Federation and worked as a lifeguard in Şile for 8 years. Later, he met theater actress Ayla Algan and studied acting. He then attended the theatrical training at Sadri Alışık Theater and started professional acting.

Movies And TV Series


2011Küçük HanımefendiCenk
2011Dinle SevgiliHakan
2011Pis YediliSinanSupporting role (season 1, episode 5)
2012Benim İçin ÜzülmeAhmet AvcıoğluSupporting role
2013–2014Bugünün SaraylısıSelim BayraktarSupporting role
2015Racon: Ailem İçinTekin AtanLeading role
2015–2017Kiralık AşkÖmer İplikçiLeading role
2019KuzgunKuzgun CebeciLeading role
2020ÇukurArık Böke ErdenetSupporting role


2014Sadece SenEmin
2017Mutluluk ZamanıMert Sönmez

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