Basim Belada Episode 5 Release Date? What will happen in Basim Belada new episode?

Basim Belada Episode 5 English Subtitle release date will be on Wednesday, April 2nd at 21:00. This article contains spoilers for the ATV‘s television series Basim Belada episode 5 English subtitle and coordinates the movement date and where to watch on the web.

Basim Belada Episode 5 Summary

Leyla does everything she can to prevent Azam from learning everything. Azam cannot catch Leyla from the images. Thinking that Azam will catch them, Leyla evaluates the news about Badi very well and manages to dispel Azam’s suspicions a little. Leyla thinks that Azam will catch them at any moment and decides that the only solution is to make Azam fall in love with her and take them to their side. She looks for ways to make Azam fall in love with her. Safa tells Azam that he remembers some things. Will what Safa remembers bring the end of everything?

Basim Belada Episode 4 Summary

While Leyla is surprised to see Safa, Narin senses the situation and has a crisis. While the family is trying to cope with this situation, Azam is after Leyla. While Leyla is trying to deceive Azam, Hikmet has taken a new decision. On the other hand, Berna and Buğra’s going to the nightclub causes a stir. Azam goes after the necklace that Berna lost. This necklace will take Azam back to Leyla. Will Azam find out that Leyla is one of the robbers?

Basim Belada Episode 3 Summary

Cagdas does not let go of Leyla, who meets with Badi because she thinks she will find the robbers. Leyla has to go to the hospital. On the one hand, he is in danger of being caught by Çağdaş in the hospital, on the other hand, he thinks that Azam is in love with him. Leyla’s attitudes, forced to go to Çağdaş’s house, push Çağdaş to express her intense feelings. Leyla is worried as she is aware that Azam may learn all the truth from Badi. Leyla and her family use their abilities to locate Badi and prevent her from talking to Azam. While searching for Badi, they encounter a reality they never expected. With Pele’s fait accompli, will Azam, who had to accept Çağdaş’s offer to find the robbers, betray Leyla with the information he learned when confronted by Çağdaş?

Basim Belada Episode 2 Summary

Unable to hear from Azam, who was kidnapped by Çağdaş, his family and Pele start to worry.

Cagdas thinks that Azam is one of the perpetrators of the robbery and questions Azam to get his money back. As a result of this interrogation, an unexpected situation arises between Çağdaş and Azam. Leyla, on the other hand, cannot understand what Azam is doing at Çağdaş’s house. Leyla, who thinks that Azam is a policeman, thinks that he is after those who committed this robbery. On the other hand, danger comes from an unexpected place.

Badi Uğur, the only witness of the night of the robbery, goes after Leyla and wants to take the money they stole from them. Badi’s plans will cause great trouble for Leyla and Azam.

Basim Belada Episode 1 Summary

While trying to survive by solving people’s problems with Pele, Azam is also under the pressure of his mother Şerife’s marriage. In order to break these pressures on Şerife, Pele takes a photo of Leyla, who has just moved to the neighborhood, with Azam and sends it to Şerife. On top of that, Azam’s family comes to Istanbul from the country and wants to marry Azam. When Azam gets help from Pele again to find a solution to the secret he has kept from his family, things start to become unbearable. Leyla, along with her family, moved to the neighborhood to start their long-planned plan to take revenge on Çağdaş Varlı, whom they believe killed her brother Safa. Thinking that Çağdaş killed Safa for money, Leyla and her family have made a perfect plan to steal all of Çağdaş’s money.

Basim Belada Plot, Story, Synopsis

Azam Kamber, a former police officer, formed a team with his close friend Pele to follow up the cases of the wronged. His private life is turbulent. After her painful experience, her mother in Trabzon wants her to marry her childhood friend Melike. Pele meddling as Azam tries to dodge the pressures. He sends the photo of Leyla, the eldest daughter of the Biçer family, Azam’s new neighbors, to Şerife from Azam’s phone with the note “The girl I love”. Upon this, the Kamber family took Melike with them and hurriedly came to Azam from Trabzon to Istanbul. 

Azam is faced with a huge dilemma, on the one hand, he must deal with the lie of the girl I love, on the other hand, he must continue to hide the fact that he has resigned from the police force, which he hid from his father. As a matter of fact, his father is disturbed by his heart. How will Azam hide his resignation from his father? On the other hand, Leyla and her family, whose photograph was taken, are a “strange” family. Leyla’s family, apart from her father Tayfur, is a family with special abilities. 

Tayfur has no special talents, but he is someone who does risk analysis and pays attention to details. Anne Narin Biçer is a skilful hypnosis master. Leyla’s siblings, Buğra and Berna, are highly skilled in computer hacking and close combat. The murder of the eldest sons of the family by Safa Çağdaş leads the family to a revenge plan. However, they are faced with Çağdaş Varlı, a member of a YAPI that reaches everywhere. Moreover, there is something they do not know about Safa’s death. While the family pursues their revenge plans, they will frequently encounter their opposite neighbor, Azam. Azam and Leyla will fall in love with each other on this journey full of secrets. But they are besieged by impossibility from all sides. Will their love have a chance to live?

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