Ben de Özledim − I Missed You Too (TV Series 2013-2014)

Ben de Özledim (English Title: I Missed You too), Turkish television series in the absurd comedy genre produced by efLAtunfilm and broadcast on Star TV between 2013 and 2014. It tells the stories of the actors after the phenomenon series Leyla and Mecnun, starring Ali Atay, Serkan Keskin, and Osman Sonant, which was canceled and broadcast on TRT 1 for 3 seasons and 104 episodes between 2011 and 2013.

Original Title:Ben de Özledim
English Title:I Missed You Too
Genre:Comedy, Fantasy
Broadcast Network:Star TV
Director:Onur Ünlü, Erkan Tunç
Producer:Hande Yilmaz
Writer:Burak Aksak
Cinematography:Serdar Özdemir
Total Episodes:13

Ben de Özledim Synopsis

When the TV series Leyla ile Mecnun is canceled with a sudden decision, Funda and director Onur, one of the producers of the series, explains the situation to the actors. The entire series crew was unemployed. The team that likes the job and working with each other has difficulty in accepting the situation. Ali cannot get rid of the influence of the character of Majnun, which he portrays. One side of Serkan is still “Ismail Abi”. Osman, who is married and has a child, spends all his time with his friends, like Yavuz, his character in the series.

Cengiz is still Erdal Bakkal in everyone’s eyes. AhmetLike Iskender is the father of the whole team. No one has fully come out of their role, and each has difficulty adapting to everyday life. The actors go to Burak, the screenwriter of Leyla and Mecnun, and ask him to write a new series. Burak, who has been writing the same series for three years, has not had time to think about a new project. Everyone starts to brood on what to do.


Ali Atay as Ali Atay

Serkan Keskin as Serkan Keskin

Osman Sonant as Osman Sonant

Ahmet Mümtaz Taylan as Ahmet Mümtaz Taylan

Cihan Ercan as M.Cihan Ercan

Where to watch

Turkish Language
Youtube | Star TV

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