Beyaz Karanfil − White Carnation (TV Series 2014)

Beyaz Karanfil (English title: White Carnation) produced by Fark Film , directed by Baran Özçaylan, written by Başar Başaran and Emre Özdur , and starring Kenan Çoban, Oya Unustası, Hakan Boyav, Çağlar Ertuğrul ,Fatih Dönmez ,Veda Yurtsever İpek ,Erdem Ergüney ,Turkish TV series shared by Ferda Işıl and Ali Sürmeli andbroadcast on ATV

Beyaz Karanfil Synopsis

Zülfü, who is a calm and quiet person, leads a simple life with his wife and disabled son. He falls on an irreversible path in the prison where he entered innocently. For his family, he climbs to the highest level on this road he started to get back what he lost.

Zülfü’s wife. The family of Nilüfer, a daughter of an aga, opposes her marriage to Zülfü. Nilüfer escaped with Zülfü and married. Nilüfer, who does not bow down to anyone, never hesitates to say what she knows is true.

A 45-year-old devoted narcotics cop. After his brother’s death from drugs, his only goal is to fight drugs. He is a police officer who has destroyed many drug gangs, put them in jail, and achieved great success with his small team around him.

Burhan Korkmaz’s only child. A young man who grew up in abundance and always achieved what he wanted without effort. He is studying landscape architecture at a private university. His biggest goal in life is to keep the fun going. 24 hour party, pretty girls and drugs.

Spouse of commissioner Salih in his 40s. Nurse in a private hospital. He has a 17-year-old daughter and a 12-year-old son from his marriage to Salih.

Clever, discreet, highly professional assistant and at the same time lover of drug lord Burhan Korkmaz.

Beautiful woman in her 20s. It is aware that it is beautiful and uses all its possibilities. They have a child from their association with Başar and Aysun has a big secret that no one knows.

Aysun’s best friend. He continues his life by modeling.

A wealthy businessman in his 50s. A network with great lands in the East. A person is known in the financial world. He sees life as a gamble. He does not avoid taking risks.


Hakan BoyavSalih
Kenan ÇobanZülfü
Ali SürmeliBurhan Korkmaz
Caglar ErtugrulBasar
Oya UnustasiNilüfer

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Youtube | Atv

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