Bilal Yiğit Koçak, Omer of Kardeşlerim, was spotted with his girlfriend

Bilal Yiğit Koçak, the Ömer of the TV series Kardeşlerim, was seen in City’s Nişantaşı the previous day. Koçak, who was photographed with a female friend, experienced a short-term panic. Here are the details…

Bilal Yiğit Koçak with Berfe Sancak

It was remarkable that his female friend, who realized that she was being watched, was hiding her face.

Bilal Yiğit Koçak was seen with the Turkish national athlete Berfe Sancak in the past months and announced that they were in love.

Bilal Yiğit Koçak and Berfe Sancak

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