Bir Mucize Olsun − Be A Miracle (TV Series 2018)

Bir Mucize Olsun (English title: Be A Miracle) The series Bir Mucize Olsun (Meaning: Let a miracle happen) tells the viewer the story of an inconspicuous girl who literally repeated the fate of Cinderella.

Bir Mucize Olsun Synopsis

Damla has a very difficult life. Her adoptive father does not care about the girl as about his daughter, but turned her into a real slave. She has to stay in terrible conditions. Not only did she grow up in her most conscious life in one of the dirtiest areas of Chukurdere, moreover, Makskuda, this is the name of her pupil, kept Damla in poverty.

But one day a real miracle happens. Yigit knocked on the door of the poor house, and from that moment on, Damla’s life makes sense. After all, the girl learns that her grandfather is one of the wealthiest people in Turkey.

With these words, Yigit restores faith in a happy and bright future to the present moment of a hopeless servant. The grandfather of the main character of the series  Bir Mucize Olsun, Azim Sanjakar, wants to give his granddaughter a new life. It was only thanks to his initiative that the entrepreneur’s lawyer managed to find Damlu. Yigit, in turn, will not only give the girl a new outlook on life but also open the way to her heart.

In the Turkish series Let a miracle happen, you will see a real transformation: from a sloppy slave to an attractive princess.


Furkan PalaliYigit
Su KutluDamla
Cihan ÜnalAzim Sancaktar
Ahu SungurMaksude
Aysegül GünayEsma Sancaktar

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Youtube | Fox Tv

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