Bizim Okul − Our School (TV Series 2013)

Bizim Okul (English Title: Our School) is a comedy Turkish television series that started broadcasting on ATV on February 2, 2013. Most of the actors played in the TV series Akasya Durağı. The series ended with its 7th episode, which was broadcast on March 23, 2013.

Original Title:Bizim Okul
English Title:Our School
Broadcast Network:ATV
Director:Yasar Seriner
Producer:Türker Inanoglu
Writer:Resul Ertas
Total Episodes:7

Bizim Okul Synopsis

Our School is a school of life where students learn to have fun together, establish strong friendships, and be with their friends in difficult times while learning new information in lessons… Class 10-A, where the mischievous students of the school come together, is the teachers’ nightmare…”


Zeki Alasya as Gestapo Ayfer

Levent Ülgen as Sifir Ziya

Cem Davran as Altan

Cezmi Baskin as Sevket

Pinar Aydin as Elif

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Turkish Language
Youtube | ATV

English Subtitles

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