British journalist Myra Ali interviewed Hercai Star Akın Akınözü for the BBC!

Myra Ali is a 33-year-old, Pakistani-born British living in London. She has a congenital hereditary disease of epidermolysis bullosa, popularly known as Butterfly disease. Myra Ali has recently made a name for herself with interviews with many Hollywood stars, including Jake Gyllenhaal, Tom Holland, and Jamie Foxx. She has now made an online interview for the BBC with the famous actress Akın Akınözü, who has made her name known all over the world.

Myra Ali shared the following after the interview: “Incredible Turkish actor Akın Akınözü… I interviewed the most charismatic, sweetest man I’ve ever met! I can’t wait to go to Istanbul to have Turkish breakfast with him and when he comes to London he will eat my mother’s biriyani…”

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