Burak Deniz caught with her girlfriend’s bag in his hand

When Burak Deniz was caught with his new girlfriend, he panicked when people clicked his photos. Burak Deniz, whose love life was curious after he broke up with Didem Soydan, was spotted with the athlete Şahika Ercümen, who was allegedly his lover, in Kuruçeşme the night before. Celebrating his 31st birthday with his girlfriend and manager, the player, according to the news of Milliyet. When he saw the venue exit cameras in front of him, he panicked for a short time.

Burak Deniz caught with her girlfriend's bag in his hand

While Deniz was panicking for a short time when he saw the cameras at the exit of the venue, Ercümen tried to walk away with quick steps when she noticed the cameras.

Burak Deniz, who said that they were just friends, said to reporters who asked why he is carrying his girlfriend’s bag, “You wouldn’t believe it if I said it. Yes, I am carrying my friend’s bag.

Finally, it is claimed that Burak Deniz, who had a love affair with Didem Soydan, had been in love with Ercümen for two months.

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