Did Disney Plus offer Hande Erçel to be the partner of Can Yaman in the El Turco series?

The El Turco series, starring Can Yaman, is inspired by Orhan Yeniaras’s book of the same name, “El Turco”. The series is about the settlement in Moena village of Italy after the 2nd Siege of Vienna and the liberation of the village from the feudal lords. The series takes place during the Ottoman Empire and exactly in 1638. In the historical fiction novel “El Turco”, an Ottoman intelligence officer who was found injured by the people of Moena during the 2nd siege of Vienna settled in this village. The name of the character played by Can Yaman is El Turco, but the name of the character is Balaban Ağa, at least in the book.

It is possible that parts of the Disney Plus series will be shot in Italy.

It is clear that Can Yaman’s female partner in “El Turco” is Hande Erçel, the popular heroine of the TV series Sen Çal Kapımı, and is a Turkish actress who is highly admired in Turkey and abroad. The truth is that the production is still looking for an actress to take on this role and Hande Erçel was also offered. However, it is not yet known whether she will accept the role. It would certainly be very interesting for Can and Hande to play together, as they had never played together before.

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