Doksanlar − Nineties (TV Series 2013-2014)

Dokanlar (English Title: Nineties) started to be broadcast on ATV on 26 June 2013 with the slogan “the last children’s series playing on the street”. The series produced by MinT was inspired by the Eighties as a sit-com, romantic, and period comedy by the same producer and production company. The series was canceled in the 43rd episode on April 27, 2014.

Original Title:Doksanlar
English Title:Nineties
Broadcast Network:ATV
Director:Müfit Can Saçinti
Producer:Birol Güven, Emir can Yurtlak
Writer:Evrim Aytas
Cinematography:Orhan Agaoglu
Total Episodes:44

Doksanlar Synopsis

The life of Turkey in the eighties, after the nineties, was replaced by new mobile phones and computer games, from neighborhoods to big cities, from small shopkeepers to large supermarkets. The series “Doksanlar” will show this change in Turkey.

The story of the series begins in the summer of 1990. Bekir (Renan Bilek) and Nuri Tuncay (Deniz Oral) brothers are offended because of land inherited from their father and rights issues arising from this land. Due to this resentment, the wives of the brothers do not talk to each other. The resentment is enduring day by day, the siblings are getting further and further away from each other. Nuri’s eldest son Mustafa (Ümit Erdim) is on Engagement Eve and whether Bekir will attend this ceremony creates question marks in everyone’s minds.

In these years, when technology consisted of only the Wind-Up Telephone and Telegraph, the biggest concern of the youth was, of course, “Love”…


Renan Bilek as Bekir Tuncay

Deniz Oral as Nuri Tuncay

Esra Dermancioglu as Sukran Tuncay

Arif Erkin Güzelbeyoglu as Mustafa Tuncay

Ümit Erdim as Mustafa Tuncay

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