Elkızı − Handgirl (TV Series 2021)

Elkız (English Title: Handgirl) is, NTC Media signed, the first part was published on 23 October 2021, the director’s chair Farida Kaytan ‘s inhabited the screenplay Crescent Star’s penned, drama and love the kind of Turkish -made television series. Sevda Erginci , Perihan Savaş and İsmail Ege Şaşmaz share thelead roles. The shooting of the series takes place in and around Muğla ‘s Ula district.

Elkızı Synopsis

Fighting for her dreams, Ezo has two things to hold on to in this life; memories and what’s left of her mother – So a handful of hope. However, everything he has in his hand is taken away at once by his family, to whom he is persecuted. Ezo has two ways. He will either give up or fight. He chooses to fight, to the death – Harun and his mother Nermin, who take advantage of Ezo’s predicament, set their sights on Ezo, whom they see as the weakest link, in order to regain their old pompous times, but there is something they do not know. Ezo is not as helpless and helpless as they think. Unaware of what he has done and will do, they will become prey on the way to hunt.


Sevda ErginciEzo Bozdagli
Perihan SavasCavidan Bozdagli
Ismail Ege SasmazHarun Karasu
Münir Can CindorukAli Demir
Alayça ÖztürkEsma Çetin

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ALAHindi | TurkFans

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