Esra Bilgiç, the Halime Sultan of Dirilis: Ertugrul, created controversy with her appearance in her hot undergarment advertisement!

Famous actress Esra Bilgiç, who recently appeared on the screen with the “Kanunsuz Topraklar” series, which made its finale in the past few days, and attracted attention with the movie “Adanış: Kutsal Kavga” in which she played a role, was in front of the camera for the commercial of the world-famous underwear brand Victoria’s Secret.


Promoting two different styles of bras, Bilgiç wearing a jacket did not escape the attention of her followers. There were many comments on the subject on social media.


Her followers commented that there was a perception that Bilgiç was promoting the jacket rather than an undergarment and that it would be more appropriate for her to wear his undergarment alone.

Famous actress Esra Bilgiç made a great debut by giving life to the character of Halime Sultan in the TV series Diriliş Ertuğrul and became one of the sought-after actresses of the screens. Beautiful actress Esra Bilgiç always manages to be the center of attention with her social media posts.


Bilgiç took to Instagram to share her collaboration with the lingerie company while promoting their latest collection, Love Cloud.

As soon as she uploaded the ad, Pakistani fans flocked to the comments to act as moral police, infiltrating the comments section with unwanted advice. Feeling cheated over the Turkish actor’s choice of clothes, a user commented, “Shame on you! After Halima’s character, you should be ashamed of this type of dress.”

Comments on Esra Bilgiç Undergarment Ad

A deep dive in the comments section truly showed how it was a testing time for Pakistani fans of the Turkish show. They expressed their horror, cursed the actor, and questioned her decision to play Halime in the show if she wanted to “promote nudity” later.

TV host and VJ, Anoushey Ashraf took to her Instagram story to point out the trolling on part of Pakistani men. “Why don’t men just unfollow her?” she wrote.

Esra Bilgiç VJ Anoushey Ashraf

This is not the first time Bilgiç has had to face unwarranted criticism. Last year, after months of incessant moral policing on her personal photographs, ranging from comments about her dressing to how she must carry herself with dignity and respect owing to her on-screen persona, she gave a polite shut-up call to users shaming her. “Let me give you a little advice: Don’t follow me, thank you,” she wrote. But, alas, it appears her Pakistani fans still have a lot to learn.

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