Eve Dönüs − Homecoming (TV Series 2015-2016)

Eve Dönüs (English Title: Homecoming) is a Turkish thriller crime drama featuring Dilsad Çelebi as Leyla & Cansel Elcin as Yusuf.

Original Title:Eve Dönüs
English Title:Homecoming
Genre:Crime, Drama, Thriller
Broadcast Network:ATV
Director:Hakan Inan, Kartal Çidamli
Producer:Ihsan Semih Yildizerler
Total Episodes:22

Eve Dönüs Synopsis

Pinar (Dilsad Celebi) an heir of a big company, has a daughter named Elif. One time she saw her husband’s infidelity with her friend Canan. Her husband’s pursue Panic was instantly panicked and he hit Pinar with a hard object. Canan contacted his colleagues in police to solve the problem, they decided to eliminate Pinar as if Pinar had an accident.

On the other hand Yusuf a fisherman lived with his mother and brother’s family, when Kursad (Tardu Flordun) and his men were about to eliminate Pinar, Kursad’s brother saw the incident and he contacted Yusuf. Unfortunately, Kursad and his men saw it and they also killed his brother Yusuf.

Yusuf (Elcin’s Chansel) managed to save Pinar and was Successfully taken to the hospital. The vengeful Pinar to her husband and Canan, she changed her face through plastic surgery to avenge them.


Dilsad Çelebi as Leyla

Cansel Elcin as Yusuf

Tardu Flordun as Kürsad

Ipek Erdem as Canan

Merve Oflaz as Ipek

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