Evlerden Biri − One of the Houses (TV Series 2012)

Evlerden Biri (English title: One of the Houses) Orhan Kemal’s the same name from the novel adapted from the 2012 production of television series, Orhan Kemal’s adaptation of the book by the same name published in 1966, made by the Koliba Film Star TV ‘is published sequences. The script was written by Hakan Aksun and Müjdan Kayseri, while the music was composed by Fahir Atakoğlu. August 1, 2012, from screen to say hello in demiştir.başrol Ceyda Fire, Free Agile, Peace Aytac and Şemsi İnkaya role in fire almaktadır.cey its name Feriha’s right after she changed her hair color and a different dönmüştür.the ilk first character to screen high-ups of the early final yaptırılmıştır.diz on the falling rating of the later series received his first leading role in Uskudar – that Sal was made t.

Evlerden Biri Synopsis

İskender, Erdal and Ayşe… 3 sons, 2 boys, and 1 girl. Their father, Sadi, is retired. Gift for their mother, housewife. They live in an old house in the neighborhood, which increases in value as it ages. In the family, which connects all their future dreams and hopes to the house they live in, the old peace and happiness remained only in the photographs. As dreams, different expectations, and relations of interest coincide, the tension begins to increase.

One day, a mother and a daughter, Nursen and Leman move to the house opposite them… Interesting, beautiful, charming and almost like sisters and brothers, this couple becomes the center of attention of everyone in the house. Similar thoughts cross the mind of the men of the house, unaware of each other. Their dreams concentrate on them. The hopes, loves and futures of the men of the house are almost like this mother and daughter.

A new light is born into the withdrawn and indistinct life of Alexander. If his brother Erdal, who is his opposite, has found a new way to press his brother’s veins. Siblings, who have been nervous for a long time, begin to get even more in order to have more shares in the house.

Sadi thinks that he has always served as a father to his children. He no longer wants to live for his family, but inside himself. His sick, tired and old body wants to be happy in the last days of his life.

With her innocent and pure beauty, Nurse pursues a life that her mother never approves of, an honest and honest life. Without knowing which one is true between Erdal, whom he fell in love with at first sight, and his brother Alexander, his secret feelings for himself.


Dilara AksüyekFiliz
Gümeç Alpay AslanAyla
Cumhuriyet KiperCaner
Ceyda AtesNursen
Burak Arslan(2013)

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Youtube | Star tv

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