Fedakar Synopsis and Cast [The Devoted]

Fedakar (English Title: The Devoted) is a drama Turkish television series directed by Özgür Pak, and Taner Tunç, and written by Mehmet Uyar, the first episode of Fedakar was broadcast on 18th March 2023.

Original Title:Fedakar
English Title:The Devoted
Also Known As:Devoted
Broadcast Network:Kanal7
Director:Özgür Pak, Taner Tunç
Writer:Mehmet Uyar
Filming Location:
Release Date:18th March 2023 – present

Fedakar Synopsis

The gripping story of Tarik, who wants to take revenge on his brother’s murderer, and Elif, who cannot face the fact that the only thing to hold on to in life is the murderer, meets the audience with Fedakar. Elif, who lost her mother at a young age, is a devoted sister who supports her siblings Sefer and Narin. While Elif leads a life full of difficulties, she loses her younger sister Narin and only Sefer remains with her.

While the two brothers are holding on to each other, Elif is suddenly devastated by the allegation that her sister Sefer is the murderer. The happy and peaceful life of Tarik, the sole heir of Karaca Holding, one of the few companies in Turkey, suddenly changes with the murder of his older sister, whom he loves dearly. Tarik kidnaps Elif to catch Sefer, who went missing because she thought that Sefer killed her older sister Yesim.

While Tariq swears to avenge his sister, Elif and Tarik set sail for an impossible love. Will time help break down the insurmountable obstacles? Will the power of love be enough to forget sibling pain? Will Elif’s mercy heal Tarik’s wounds?

Fedakar Cast

Berkay Veli (Tarik)

He was born on July 1, 1993, in Istanbul. He is a theater and television actor. Graduated from Hacettepe University State Conservatory Theater Department. Berkay Veli, who took part in theater plays such as Büyük Sultan and Zincire Vurulmuş Prometheus, first appeared in the TV series Seven Ne Yapmaz in 2017. Since 2018, he played the character of Emre in Beni Bırakma. Emre is the youngest son of the family. He is a lively, cheerful, and successful surgeon. The apple of her mother’s eye. After his love for medical student Zeynep, Emre will mature and for the first time will raise the flag of rebellion to his family. This love will reveal the secrets of the past one by one.

Aybüke Yılmaz (Elif)

Aybüke Yılmaz is an actress, model, and theater actress. The beautiful name, who made a name for herself with the successful productions she took part in, completed her undergraduate education in Cyprus. The successful name, who also received an acting education, has taken the stage in many theater plays, apart from cinema and TV series. She made her first TV acting experience with the TV series Kırmızı Oda, in which she acted as a guest actor. In 2023, the TV series Fedakar, which was broadcast on Kanal 7 screens, also appeared in front of the camera for the character of Elif.

Ceren Yavuz (Güzide)

Ceren Yavuz was born on January 25, 1991, in Istanbul. She is a Theater and TV series actor. Ceren Yavuz has acted in various films and TV series such as Yaralı Kuşlar, Senden Daha Güzel, and Yazgı since 2019, as well as the theater works such as Müfettiş, as she played in 2017. She continues to take part in new projects.

Mihriban Er (Hülya)

Mihriban Er (born 7 September 1966, Istanbul) is a Turkish actress. In 1987, she appeared on the screen for the first time with the television series Saat Sabahın Dokuzu, which was broadcast on the TRT channel. After that, she acted in 27 television series and 5 movies. She played for 4 seasons (1999-2002) in the TV series “Ayrılsak da Beraberiz”. Among the productions in which the master played an important role are the 240-episode Alın Yazım series with the character of Feraye Gürel, and the movie Köksüz, in which she took part with the character of Gülten.

Yiğit Eser (Sevki)

He was born in 1995, actor Yiğit Eser graduated from Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University Istanbul State Conservatory Theatre Department. Yiğit Eser previously starred in the TV series Arka Sokaklar and Kırgın Çiçek. He has now acted in the Kuruluş Osman series, directed by Ahmet Yılmaz and starring Burak Özçivit as Osman Bey.

Kahraman Sivri (Ferhat)

Theater, cinema, and TV series actor, and film director. He was born on April 24, 1968, in Istanbul. He studied at the conservatory. He speaks English. Since 1995, in addition to many theaters plays such as “Biraz Katil Olur Musunuz”, “Neden Güldün”, “Sigara Böreği”, “Benimle Oynar mısın” “Yalancı Kahramanlar”; He acted in movies such as Abdülhamit Düşerken, Büyük Sürgün, Eyvah Eyvah1- 2, Güzel Günler Göreceğiz, Peri Tozu, and in TV series such as Ayışığı, Bıçak Sırtı, Binbir Gece, Bir Çocuk Sevdim, Bizim Okul, Canım Ailem, and Deli Yürek. Karaman Sivri, who directed some movies and also acted in commercials for Aygaz, Siemens, Türknet, Yudum, and Ziraat Bankası, is Ahmet’s father in the TV series “Kanatsız Kuşlar”, where he plays the character of “Rahmi Köksal”, and they run the business together.

Özgür Yelaldı (Nuriye)

Shee was born in 1971, Ödemiş / İzmir. She is a series actress. She graduated from Ödemiş High School, Dokuz Eylül University, Faculty of Fine Arts (1994). After working in the private sector for a while, she turned to act. She is married and the mother of two girls.

Cihangir Köse (Kazim Özgür)

He was born in 1962 in Adana. He is an actor and director. He is a graduate of Marmara University Fine Arts Graphics Department. He is one of the founders of Tiyatro Merdiven, which was founded in 1987. He still works in the Theater Merdiven projects, and also continues to take part in new film and TV series projects.

Doğaç Meriçliler (Kerem)

Dogaç Meriçliler is the son of the famous actor Hakan Meriçliler. Actor Anıl Tetik is also the son of his uncle. He completed the theater department at Yeditepe University. Doğaç Meriçliler, who is a player in Cosmos management, will have his first acting experience in the TV series Fedakar, shared by Berkay Veli and Aybüke Yılmaz, which was broadcast on Kanal 7 screens.

Eda Karagedik (Gönül)

Eda Karagedik, who was born on October 8, 1981, graduated from Kocatepe Mimar Kemal High School and completed her acting education at Müjdat Gezen Art Center on theater-acting. Successful actress Eda Karagedik is originally from Ankara. Successful actress Eda Karagedik played a role in the movie called Korkacak Bi’şey Yok in 2017.

Ejder Özkarslıgil (Sefer)

Ejder Özkarslıgil, who met the audience with the character of Sefer in the Fedakar series, was born on April 4, 1995. Born and raised in Istanbul, the handsome actor graduated from Beykent University, Faculty of Fine Arts. He is 179cm tall and weighs 80 kilograms. He is known for his role as Ozan in the TV series Yemin, which was broadcast on Kanal 7 screens. Young actress Tümay Özkur works with the management office.

Alessa Demircan (Çiçek)

Alessa Demircan was born on June 17, 2001, in Germany. She is a theater, cinema, series, and film actress. She continues her acting studies at Icon Talent Management Agency. Success name is a 2nd-year student at Istanbul Haliç University Conservatory Theater Department. She has performed in many theaters plays until today. She also appeared in commercials for LC Waikiki and Efes. He worked as an assistant director in the theater play Sınarlar. In 2023, she appeared in front of the camera for the TV series Fedakar, which was broadcast on Channel 7 screens.

Güneş Ebrar (Ayse)

Child actress Güneş Ebrar took a role in the TV series Içimizdeki Ates in 2022. In 2023, she took a role in the TV series Fedakar, which will be broadcast on Kanal 7 screens.

Emek Büyükçelik (Fatma)

Emek Büyükçelik was born on January 15, 1980, in Izmir. She is an actress. She is a graduate of Süleyman Demirel University, Department of Theater and Acting. Emek Büyükçelik started acting in 2002 in the TV series Sırlar Dünyası / Sır Kapısı. She played the character of Safiye in the Yaralı Kuşlar series, which came to the screens in 2019.

İhsan Gül (Gürkan)

Film and TV series actor. He was born in the Karasu district of Sakarya. After graduating from Şehit First Lieutenant İbrahim Abanoz Anatolian High School, he graduated from Anadolu University Open Education Faculty Radio and Television Programming and Düzce University Tourism and Hotel Management Department. In addition to his theater works, İhsan Gül has acted in various films and TV series such as Kaçak Gelinler, Payitaht Abdülhamid, Çukur, Alparslan: Büyük Selçuklu, Barbaroslar: Akdeniz’in Kılıcı, Toprak ile Fidan since 2014. He continues to take part in new projects.

Ceren Korkmaz

Ceren Korkmaz, who will participate in the new series of Kanal 7 screens, Fedakar, is 27 years old as of 2023. Born in Alanya, the actress has grown up with the dream of acting since her childhood. She graduated from Istanbul YeniYüzyıl University Acting Department. Before the pandemic period, she played a role in the single-player Frida game. Ceren Korkmaz will experience her first professional acting experience with Fedakar.

Batuhan Hantal (Hasan)

Handsome actor Batuhan Hantal took part in the TV series Fedakar, which was broadcast on Channel 7 screens in 2023.

Hayal Garip (Yesim)

She was born in 1985 in Büyükada, Istanbul. She played Leyla in the TV series İpsiz Recep, in which Kadir İnanır shared the lead role, which was broadcast on TRT 1 between 2008-2009, and as Işıl in the TV series İstanbul’da Aşık Oldum in 2009. In July 2010, she took the name Hayal Kahraman Özalp after marrying Murat Kahraman Özalp, who was her co-star in İpsiz Recep. He played the grown-up character of Duygu in the TV series “Çocuklar Duymasın” again.

Beste Kaptanoğlu

Beste Kaptanoğlu was born on February 04, 1997, in Antalya. The older sister of Kaptanoğlu, who is the middle child of a family with 3 children, is also a singer. After graduating from high school with a Violin department, Beste Kaptanoğlu is a graduate of Hacettepe University Ankara State Conservatory Performing Arts Opera Department. Her love for acting, which started while she was studying in the opera department, has brought her to the present day as a successful actress.

Fedakar Trailer

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