Gulcemal Episode 8 Release Date? What will happen in Aile new episode?

Gulcemal Episode 8 English Subtitle release date will be on Thursday, May 25th at 21:00. This article contains spoilers for the Fox TV‘s television series Gulcemal Episode 8 English subtitle and coordinates the movement date and where to watch on the web.

Gulcemal Episode 8 Summary

Deva’s acceptance of working with Gülcemal strengthens the bond between them. Gulcemal lays down the weapon for Deva and promises not to act like a monster anymore. Gulcemal’s beginning to change worries everyone, especially Vefa. A large security vulnerability has been given. Zafer lost his son. Armagan left him. The municipality tender was taken from him and he faced a very serious compensation. Moreover, the whole city is talking behind his back. While he loses, Gülcemal wins. He prepares a launch for the brand he will establish in partnership with Deva. When Zafer cannot make Armağan forgive himself, he directs all his anger towards Gülcemal. Now is the time to take Deva from him. He decides to complete the job he left unfinished last time. But what he doesn’t know is that his son is involved in the deadly plan that he throws Deva.

Gulcemal Episode 7 Summary

Losing both Armagan and Deva, Gülcemal falls into a great silence. It is such a silence that everyone thinks they will give up and leave the city. Deva, on the other hand, hides in her grandfather’s house in the village with her father and brother and loses her track. However, a part of him believes that Gülcemal will come and find him. Gulcemal does not come for a month. Over the past few days, the foundations of Mert and Gülendam’s relationship have solidified. Gülendam decides to tell her husband, whom she is the most honest person in the world, that she has lost the baby. However, shocking news awaits her. Vefa, who delves into Mert’s past, learns that his ex-fiancee is Deva and falls into a great dilemma. After Deva’s phone call to Gara, Gülcemal comes to the door. However, Deva does not want to talk to him. And Gülcemal kidnaps Deva. Will the one-month-awaited apology be apologized? Or will the two of them part ways forever?

Gulcemal Episode 6 Summary

Deva, whom Gülcemal accused of spying and kicked out of the house, gives Gülcemal three days to prove her crime. As the tension constantly rises between the two, Zafer fights to get his son, whom he had to leave at Gülcemal’s house. A surprise phone call to Gülendam brings the events to an irreversible point. Learning of Gara’s terrible plan, İbrahim takes action to take his daughter from that house.

Gulcemal Episode 5 Summary

As Deva returns home with Gülcemal, many things about her have changed inside her. Now he returns home not as a prisoner, but of his own free will and trusts Gülcemal the most in the world. However, an information coming to Gülcemal will open a gap between them. Contrary to Deva’s trust, all Gulcemal’s trust in him has been lost. He sets up a big game to find out if Deva is a spy.

The relationship between Mert and Gülendam takes an unexpected turn when Deva returns home. Armağan, who has to hide from his mother, takes refuge in Gülcemal’s house and when he comes face to face with Gülendam, Armağan falls into place.

Gulcemal Episode 4 Summary

When Mert comes home, what he learns shocks Deva. Realizing that she can no longer stay in that house, Deva searches for ways to get out of the house with the help of Gara, while at the same time she sees a new face of Gülcemal, whom she had feared before and thought to be a monster. Deva is forced to make a decision as the relationship and balance between the two change surprisingly. However, this decision will bring him face to face with death. Gulcemal, on the other hand, decides to free Deva, who ran away from him, just as she trusted. But a surprise phone call to Gülcemal changes everything.

Gulcemal Episode 3 Summary

Gulcemal, who punished Deva, who shot her, to take care of herself until her wound heals, takes Deva to her room. Zafer, on the other hand, has prepared a treacherous plan for Gülcemal, who is trying to steal her Italian customers. After all this, Gülcemal has to convince Deva to work with her. On the other hand, Mert, who survived the shock, while searching for ways to reach Deva, learns that she is staying with a man and sets out to get Deva…

Gulcemal Episode 2 Summary

Gülcemal makes an offer to Deva to leave her father. Halil wants Deva to stay with him in exchange for releasing İbrahim. Deva, who is cornered, has to accept Gülcemal’s offer. Meanwhile, İpek asks Zafer for help to save Deva, but Zafer has different plans. He wants to shoot Gülcemal from an unexpected place. Deva, on the other hand, risks her own life to escape the captivity of Gülcemal, whom she never knew.

Gulcemal Episode 1 Summary

The life of Gülcemal and Gülendam, two siblings whose mother left when they were children to run away to another man, is shattered by their mother’s departure. Growing up in difficulties, the two brothers return to Bursa after years, establishing an enviable life for themselves. Gülcemal’s only goal is to take revenge on her mother. She will take everything from him, eventually needing his door, and his mother will say to him, “I’m glad I gave birth to you, son.” Gülcemal is a strong and ruthless man who hides her motherlessness in the wound of childhood and never closes that wound. A snake in her mother’s words. However, on the first day that he returned to Bursa, he encounters a girl with long eyelashes. This acquaintance, which started with fear and anger, is the first sentence of a long story. Deva is a silk dyeing master working for Gulcemal’s mother, Zafer Hanım. Moreover, Zafer Pehlivan raised Deva. She is his spiritual mother and Deva is about to get married. However, Gülcemal and her worst enemy Zafer Pehlivan will do their best to prevent this wedding from happening. Everyone has their own account to spoil this wedding. The innocent Deva, who is unaware of everything, will watch her life fall apart in one day.

Gulcemal Plot, Story, Synopsis

It is about the love of Gülcemal (Murat Ünalmış), whom her mother abandoned when she was a child and turned into a dark monster, and the beautiful Deva (Melis Sezen), which started with hatred and then drifted into the whirlpool of fire, passion, and storm. Or will the grudge he has harbored for years prevail? Will Gülcemal turn from a vicious hunter into an open hunt on this road full of costs? What about Deva? When he finally surrenders, will he understand that this love is impossible?

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