Güzel Günler Episode 4 English Subtitles Release Date

Güzel Günler Episode 4 produced by TMC for Show TV and produced by Erol Avcı, will soon meet with the audience.

Güzel Günler Episode 3 Recap

Mihran, who is in a difficult situation with Selma’s arrival, is forced to confess the truth to his fiancee Alya.

Unable to find what she hoped for in Istanbul, Selma looks for ways to survive with her brother. Meanwhile, she meets the dark side of Istanbul when her friend Altan gets into trouble. While Füsun, the middle daughter of the house, is trying to help two friends and hide Leylim, a funny corner will happen in the house.

While Kıymet is chasing after children, he also finds himself on an adventure on the internet in order to compete with Hakim.

Güzel Günler Episode 4 Release Date

The broadcast date of the new TV series project ‘Güzel Günler’, produced by TMC and produced by Erol Avcı, has been announced. The series will begin its screen journey with the Episode 4 to be broadcast on Show TV on Sunday, November 27 at 20.00.

Güzel Günler Episode 4 Trailer English Subtitles

What will happen in Güzel Günler (Beautiful Days) Episode 4 Summary?

Selma’s surprise phone call on her way back to Van forces her to make an important choice. The household, who meet for breakfast to celebrate Mihran’s reconciliation with Alya, is confused by the news from Selma.

While Selma is trying to stand on her feet again in Istanbul, Kıymet complains about Hakim to the municipality, causing a chain of funny events that will lead both him and Hakim to work. With the disappearance of Little Leylim, the paths of Altan, Atakan, Füsun, Feyyaz, Kıymet, and even Hakim cross.

Mihran and Selma, who are after Little Ninja Leylim, are getting closer, although they can’t admit it to themselves.

Güzel Günler All Episode English Subtitles Trailer and Summary

Güzel Günler Synopsis and Cast (Beautiful Days)

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