Güzel Köylü − Beautiful Villager (TV Series 2014-2015)

Güzel Köylü (English Title: Beautiful Villager) the first part, published June 25, 2014, starring Mystery Khan, Berke Cankat, and Mehmet Ali Nuroğlu ‘s shares on Star TV’s family and is a romantic comedy. It ended in the 52nd episode published on 17 June 2015 by making a final.

The story of a young girl named Gül, who settled in Güzelköy from Istanbul as a result of the unfortunate events she experienced in the series, is told. The shooting of the series was made in Bozüyük Neighborhood, located in Yatağan district of Muğla.

Güzel Köylü Synopsis

Gul (Mystery Karaca), who is overwhelmed by the chaos of Istanbul, thinks that he has woken up to an ordinary day, unaware that he will experience many unfortunate events and that his life will change. But setbacks never leave him. First, he learns that an important cargo he sent went to the wrong place. Then he tells his boss that he is at the company and crashes into his car from behind. His boss gets very angry with him. The next day goes even worse. Her phone drops in milk, her tablet falls on the floor, milk spills on her dress, she gets her fiance’s car towed, she’s late for work again, she misses an important meeting, and she gets fired from her job.

Moreover, his friend betrays him. In Güzelköy, their son Hüsnü (Ahmet Mümtaz Taylan) learned that Sultan Ana (Zerrin Sümer) had a serious illness and could die. and Yusuf (Ali İpin) immediately coveted his property. Sultan Ana said that she would leave the fields to Yusuf and the animals to Hüsnü. But neither side was very happy with this decision. Hüsnü comes up with a plan. He married his eldest son, Cemal (Berk Cankat), and one of Yusuf’s daughters, Kamuran (Esin Civangil), and will become a partner in the fields.

Cemal, on the other hand, sees Kamuran only as a friend and does not want to marry him. He is not in love with her, whereas he wants to have a love marriage. But his parents seem to have little intention of giving up on it. Kamuran makes a list of the things she will buy from him for the wedding and tells him to go to Istanbul and get the ones on the list. Cemal comes to Istanbul. But seeing that the shops are closed, he takes a nap in his car. When he wakes up, he sees that his car has been towed and there are many people everywhere.

On the other hand, he searches for Gul to deliver an important letter, but cannot find it. After the bad events she experienced, her fiancé Kaan (Mehmet Ali Nuroğlu) goes to talk to This indifferent attitude of his infuriates the young woman and takes his anger out on her. With great anger, her sister Nihal (Simge Selçuk) and her brother Sude (Su Kutlu) goes to his house. Nihal tells her that a young man, namely Cemal, has brought her a letter. There is a photograph of a petty officer in the letter.

Nihal tells Gül that their grandfather was also a petty officer and that Sultan Ana might indeed be her grandmother. But Gul doesn’t believe it. On the other hand, he realizes that he is upsetting Kaan and goes to his house to apologize to him. But he catches Kaan with a woman. When Kaan says he doesn’t want to marry her, he gets angry and breaks off the engagement. On the way back to Muğla, Cemal sees a crying woman on the road and tries to console him. Learning that he came from Güzelköy, Gül finds the solution to go there. When he arrives, he sees a wedding being held. Cemal, who is sitting at the wedding table with Kamuran, surprises everyone and says “No”. Yusuf gets furious.

Rose is very startled by this sight. Mukhtar Niyazi (Erkan Sever) takes him to the house of Sultan Ana. Sultan says that Gul is not his grandson. Gül does not get out of trouble in the village either. After what he’s been through, he wants to go to Istanbul. Cemal does not want the woman he loves to return to his home. Niyazi’s insistence is also useless. Just as he is on his way, he sees Kaan in front of him and decides to stay in the village. Kaan, like Gül, is stubborn and decides to become the dentist of the village and events develop.


Gizem KaracaGül Sümbül
Berk CankatCemal Alkan
Mehmet Ali NurogluKaan Yontar
Esin CivangilKamuran Yasabasmaz
Erkan SeverNiyazi Gittigider

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