I didn’t have a disadvantage because of being on the same set with Neslihan

Kadir Doğulu, who will share the lead role in the same series with his wife Neslihan Atagül, was seen in Bebek the previous day. The famous actress took a break from the shooting of the new series and answered the questions on foot.

Kadir Dogulu, who returned to the sets after a five-year hiatus, said, “A civilized group, a group that tries to understand and understand each other very well. So everything is fine in personal relationships. The character release period is always painful. “It’s stressful. We got along very quickly. It’s very satisfying to experience the same set with my wife. It’s a different experience to share the same set as a partner with a talented, multi-disciplinary player like Neslihan who is loved by everyone, rather than being my wife,” he said.


“Do you look at it professionally, or do you approach it emotionally?” The famous actor answered the question, “The person has to do both. He will decide where and what to do. Instead of acting with his feelings, he needs to solve some blockages professionally, with his feelings.”

Kadir Doğulu


Stating that there are too many mutual scenes with his wife, Doğulu said, “How does it feel to act with someone whose life you know the whole meaning of?” On the question, “If we say acting, not acting, but playing that character, then acting is not enough. Acting is of course advantageous, I have never seen any disadvantages. That’s why I know that I will experience the advantages here as well,” he said.

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