İrem Helvacıoğlu

İrem Helvacıoğlu (born 2 February 1990) is a Turkish actress. She is best known for her role in Sen Anlat Karadeniz as Nefes Zorlu.

Profile Name: İrem Helvacıoğlu
Height: 5′7″
Born:  2 Feb 1990
Birth Place: Germany
Currently Dating: Single
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Helvacıoğlu was born on 2 February 1990 in Germany. Her family is originally from Ankara. She took acting lessons at Müjdat Gezen Art Center and had her first role on stage at the age of 11. In 2014, she had her first cinematic experience with a role in the movie Aşkın Dili. She made her television debut with a supporting role in the TV series Behzat Ç. Bir Ankara Polisiyesi. She was later cast in popular series such as Muhteşem Yüzyıl, Kurtlar Vadisi Pusu and Güneşin Kızları. Meanwhile she continued her career in cinema with leading roles Organik Aşk Hikâyeleri, Babası and Kızım ve Ben.

In 2016, she portrayed the character of Pelin Su in the series No 309. She had her first leading role on TV in the series Sen Anlat Karadeniz, for which she won a Golden Butterfly Award with Ulaş Tuna Astepe as the Best TV Couple. In 2020, she was cast as the leading character in the series Seni Çok Bekledim and portrayed the character of Ayliz. However, Seni Cok Bekledim suffered in ratings and its run was short-lived. In 2021, Irem went on to star in a leading role alongside Seckin Ozdemir in the romantic comedy Bas Belasi, where she plays crime psychologist Dr. Ipek Gümüşçü.

Movies And TV Series


2010Behzat Ç. Bir Ankara PolisiyesiNarinSupporting role
2012Muhteşem YüzyılNurbahar Hatun (Clara)Supporting role
2013–2014Kurtlar Vadisi PusuEsra TürkmenSupporting role
2015Güneşin KızlarıTuğçeSupporting role
2016–2017No 309Pelinsu YalınSupporting role
2018–2019Sen Anlat KaradenizNefes Zorlu KaleliLeading role
2021Seni Çok BekledimAyliz GöksüLeading role
2021Baş Belasıİpek GümüşçüLeading role


2014Gemma BoverySupporting role
2016Organik Aşk HikâyeleriÖzgeLeading role
2017BabasıAslıLeading role
2018Kızım ve BenSerapLeading role
2020EflatunEflatunLeading role

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