Istanbul’un Altinlari − Istanbul’s Golds (TV Series 2011)

Istanbul’un Altinlari (English Title: Istanbul’s Golds) is a Turkish-made comedy television series, directed by Haluk Özenç and starring Haluk Bilginer, Demet Akbağ, and Salih Kalyon, broadcast on Atv in 2011. He said goodbye to the screens with the 16th episode.

Original Title:Istanbul’un Altinlari
English Title:Istanbul’s Golds
Broadcast Network:ATV
Director:Birkan Uz
Producer:Ayse Çelik, Mine Öztürk
Writer:Haluk Özenç
Cinematography:Ferhat Öçmen
Total Episodes:16

Istanbul’un Altinlari Synopsis

Resat is the Istanbul gentleman who lost his wife fifteen years ago, who did not smell a single rose, and whose only daughter did not approve. Resat is trying to protect his family and his apartment from his neighbors; His mother, Saadet, will negotiate very well with his new neighbors.


Demet Akbağ

Demet Akbag as Ismet Azmarazli

Demet Akbağ (born 23 December 1959) is a Turkish theatre and film actress. Her maternal family is of Turkmen descent. Her paternal family is of Kurdish descent. Her father’s religion is Alevism.

Demet Akbağ was born on 23 December 1959 in Denizli as the third child of Benan and Oktay İybar. Her maternal family is of Turkmen descent. Her paternal family is of Kurdish descent. Her father’s religion is Alevism. His family was in Denizli at the time because of the duty of his grandfather as the head of the justice department in the city.

Funda Eryiğit

Funda Eryigit as Aysegül Altin Açik

Funda Eryiğit (born 6 November 1984) is a Turkish actress. She is of Turkish, Circassian, Georgian descent. After graduating from Kadir Has Anatolian High School, she graduated from Istanbul University State Conservatory Theater Department after completing the International Relations Department of Istanbul University Political Sciences Faculty.

She won the Best Actress award in the musical / comedy category at the 18th Sadri Alışık Theater and Cinema Player Awards due to her performance in Sessizlik at Istanbul State Theater’s 2012-2013 season. She has also been nominated for the Best Actress award at the 17th Afife Theater Awards. In 2016, she appeared in the Poyraz Karayel series.

Haluk Bilginer as Resat Altin

Nadir Saribacak as Fahri Altin

Salih Kalyon as Ahmet Erciyes

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