İzmir Çetesi − Izmir Gang (TV Series 2011-2016)

İzmir Çetesi (English Title: Izmir Gang) starring Kadir Believe, Kenan Ece, and Mustafa Üstündağ ‘s shares, and directed Murat Seker’s assumed, Star TV ‘, also published in comedy series.

İzmir Çetesi Synopsis

Selami and his partner Ateş, disguised as a landlord and real estate agent, defraud Cemal by selling a house that is not theirs. The last wish of Cemal, who has a few years to live, is to buy a house for his daughter, but he gets very upset when he can’t do this. Cemal recognized Ateş as soon as he saw the picture of Ateş, who already had a large criminal file at the police station. Then, Commissioner Zeki found Ateş as if he had put it with his hand. However, Selami regrets the capture of his friend Ateş and apologizes to Cemal and says that they will pay him all the money they received. Jamal agrees. Events develop and the Izmir Gang is established, which defrauds notorious criminals and takes their money, and then donates this money to the poor.

Izmir’s football teams were also the subject of the series. According to the scenario, Selami is from Bucaspor and Ateş is from Altay. The first episode started with the mutual cheering of these two eminent Izmir clubs in the stands and a sweet fight that followed.


Kadir İnanırCemal
Kenan EceAteş
Mustafa ÜstündağSelami
Cem DavranAhmet
Merve SeviKumsal (Nadya)

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