Kaan Yıldırım preferred to remain silent when asked about Hande Erçel!

Ex-girlfriend of pop singer Hadise after breaking up with Kerem Bürsin. Kaan Yildirim whose name is involved in love rumors. Hande Ercel had fun with the famous actor at a venue in Emirgan last month. The couple, who were allegedly sincere all night, got into Yıldırım’s car on the way out. The duo, who got into the back seat, did not want to give an image to the media reporters, but their plans did not work.

They were caught

The couple, caught in the translation while crossing the Anatolian Side, was slightly surprised when they saw the cameras. The actors did not answer the questions and went to Hande Erçel’s house in Beykoz.

Kaan Yıldırım and Hande Erçel, who were co-stars in the TV series “Halka”, which came to the screens in 2019, appeared on the streets of London, and a surprise union emerged.

Hande Erçel and Kaan Yıldırım were spotted together!
Hande Erçel and Kaan Yıldırım were spotted together!

KAAN YILDIRIM’s confession from HANDE

Erçel, who was displayed in Etiler in the past weeks, answered questions about the London holiday, She replied, “I took a little vacation these days, yes.” Erçel, regarding her relationship with Kaan Yıldırım, said, “I am very well, everything is fine. It is very beautiful.”


Kaan Yıldırım, who did not fall on the agenda with the love he had with Erçel, later made a name for himself with the photos he shared on his social media account. The famous actor showed off his muscles in his last post.


Erçel, on the other hand, was caught on camera with his lover Kaan Yıldırım during her Marmaris holiday, and it was claimed that Yıldırım got very angry because of these images published on social media and argued with the officials at the hotel where they were staying. It was alleged that he said, “We came here to be out of sight, but our images are everywhere,” and that he wanted to find out who took the photos.

It was also among the talk that the handsome actor spent 270 thousand TL on the holiday he spent with his girlfriend.

The beautiful actress did not answer the questions about “holiday expenses” and “Kaan Yıldırım is uncomfortable with being seen” and was content with thanking the reporters.

Kaan Yildirim with his nephew


After all this, Kaan Yıldırım opened the summer season on a famous beach in Dalyan the other day. Yıldırım, who came to the agenda with the news that he cheated on Erçel in the previous days, enjoyed the holiday with his older sister and nephew.

It was seen that Yıldırım, who played games and walked with his nephew on the beach all day, was quite enjoyable. Reflecting on the lenses with his fit body, Yıldırım stayed on the beach until the evening.

Kaan Yildirim with his sister and nephew


The handsome actor, who preferred to remain silent to the ‘separation’ questions of the press members waiting for him at the exit, drove away with his older sister and nephew in his car.

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