Kalp Yarasi Episode 28 English Subtitles Explained

Kalp Yarasi Episode 28 English Subtitles starring Gokhan Alkan and Yagmur Tanrisevsin releases on 24th January on ATV at 20:00.

What will happen in Kalp Yarasi Episode 28 English Subtitles?

Ferit tells the whole family that his father was murdered. He points to Yaman as the main suspect. When Sinan cannot control himself again, a quarrel ensues. Yaman is depressed when he remembers that he killed the groom who raised him, that is, that he was the murderer of the father. Adnan visits the brain’s grave. Someone is watching behind him. The police come to the mansion and take Yaman away. 

Yaman makes a statement and stays in custody that night. Yaman was released when Bahtiyar came the next day and brought the camera recording of the place where they were found and that he was with him at the time of his death. Meanwhile, Azade had a button from the man’s jacket put in Adnan’s car to blame Yaman. Although this is an important piece of evidence, Yaman is cleared with the camera recording and witness statement.

Mirza; He rushes to the Sancakzadelerin mansion and tells Ayşe that Elif is missing. When they listen to the messages Ayşe Elif sent to her at the end of the last episode, they panic even more. Şahin Dede mobilized all his means and the police. Meanwhile, Ferit learns that Elif is sick and Ayşe’s decision to donate her kidney to her cousin. Dede and Mirza, who set up a trap for his wife Ayşe, lash out at him. 

While Hande continues to annoy at the mansion, she goes shopping for the baby. There he meets the girl shown at the beginning of the episode. Follows Hande’s social media. At the end of the episode, Ferit hits this girl with his car. The girl recognizes Ferit when she sees it.

Betül meets Bedia and Zeytin at the bus station. He tells what happened, that he divorced Yaman, that Hande was pregnant and they got married. That she knew she was an aunt; He tells that Yaman and Hande are staying in Sancakzade’s mansion. Bedia is constantly on the phone and does not speak. Bedia tells Betül that she thinks the caller is her sister. His brother did not die at birth; He could not bear the death of his son and committed suicide, but Bedia did not see his brother’s body. 

Zümrüt can’t stand what happened anymore and tells her loved ones that she will go to her brother abroad. 

Hussein was penniless; While in debt, she learns that her daughter is the new lady of the Sancakzade mansion and her husband is the new owner of the company. He takes his breath right next to them. 

At the end of the episode, while Ferit learns about Yaman’s way out, he learns about his mother’s suspicions from the police. The woman has contradictory statements. 

In the Heart wound series broadcast on ATV screens, an investment company interested in the company halves its bids in just one week, and the bargain ends before it starts. 

A fisherman finds Elif’s body washed up on the beach. He calls Ayşe, who was the last person he texted. Ayşe leaves the mansion to go there, but when she drops her phone in a hurry, she malfunctions. Yaman helps him. Ayşe, who goes there with Yaman even though she doesn’t want to, encounters her cousin’s corpse. The police call Dede Şahin and report the situation. Ayşe vomits her anger at her grandfather. First, Ferit will be angry with his wife for being with Yaman, but when he learns what happened from Ayşe, he sets out for there.

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