Kanunsuz Topraklar Episode 16 English Subtitles Explained

Kanunsuz Topraklar Turkish Series Episode 16 starring Esra Bilgic and Ugur Gunes releases on 9th February 2021 at 20:00 on Fox TV in Turkey.

Sometimes the longest journey is the distance between two people. The journey to Ankara, which little İpek took because of her illness, heals the wounded love of Davut and Gülfem… Because every road not taken with love is unfinished… Despite Ali Gelik’s ugly games, disasters, fights, earthquakes, and storms, they finally decide to get married. And that red ribbon, colored with pain, is tied between two gold rings… There are those who rejoice at this news, and there are those who are black… Ali Gelik, Mehveş, and Yavuz make terrible plans to separate these two lovers. But the winner of this war will be Davut and Gulfem. It is getting more and more difficult for Fikriye to keep up with the life in the mining district. But Fikriye bravely endures everything… Because if the goal is to be happy, suffering is a must. And the truth has a habit.

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Malik Bey, who sees Davut with his daughter Gülfem, fires him from his job at the mine. Davut, who also had a fight with Kasapoğlu, got into a dead end. He will no longer be able to sell Malik Bey’s coal and distribute his money to the workers. Celal accuses his brother of acting irresponsibly and not keeping his promise to them. He wants to go to Kasapoğlu and continue his coal business, but Kasapoğlu does not give him a clear answer. As a last resort, Celal knocks on Ali’s door. Meanwhile, Kasapoğlu kidnaps Gülfem and brings her to his farm, and tells Davut the lie that he kidnapped the girl for him. There is no question about the happiness of Davut and Gülfem, who got married at a religious wedding, but Ali Gelik will not leave it to their side.

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