Kara Para Aşk − Black Money Love (TV Series 2014-2015)

Kara Para Aşk (English Title: Black Money Love) is a Turkish television series broadcast on ATV screens on Wednesday evenings. The leading cast are Tuba Büyüküstün, Engin Akyürek and Erkan Can. The production of the series is undertaken by Ay Yapım and produced by Kerem Çatay. Ahmet Katıksız served as the director of the series. The first episode of the series aired on Wednesday, 12 March 2014. Its rising line in the ratings draws attention. Nebahat Çehre, one of the leading roles in the series, and Tuvana Türkay, who played Elif’s friend Bahar, left the series in the second season. Öykü Karayel was included in the series. Episode 35 Nihat Alptuğ Altınkaya participated as a guest actress in the role of Serhat. Nihat Altınkaya as Serhat was shot by Ömer in the 38th episode and left the series. It ended with a final on 15 July 2015.

Kara Para Aşk Synopsis

Omar is a police officer. After the death of his fiance, he suffers great pain. Sibel, Omar’s fiancee’s body was found on the top of a cliff, in a car next to a fairly old, rich businessman. After the shock of her sudden death and the accusations of his love cheating on him, Omar realizes that there is more behind her suspicious murder. He decides that he will do anything in order to find his fiance’s murderer and to prove to everyone that she was not cheating on him. On the other side, Elif, the middle child of three girls of Ahmet and Zerrin, loses her father to a murder where his body was found in the same car as Omar’s fiance. While still grieving after her father’s death, Elif is threatened by dangerous men in order to find millions of dollars worth of diamonds that her father had stolen in order to pay all of his debts that his family was unaware of. After Elif finds out that her father was involved in the ‘Black Money’ market industry, she gets involved with her father’s dirty work and pairs with Omar, both of them desperate to find out who is in charge of the murders of both of their loved ones. Little do they know that the leader of the industry is a man who Elif sees as her uncle. A man who knows all of their secrets and a man who is always one step ahead of Elif and Omar.


Engin AkyürekÖmer
Tuba BüyüküstünElif
Erkan CanTayyar
Damla ColbayDemet
Bedia EnerFatma Andaç

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