Kertenkele − Lizard (TV Series 2014-2016)

Kertenkele (English Title: Lizard) with its last season, started broadcasting on ATV on October 25, 2014, produced by Yalçın Şen and written by Hakan Kandal and Kemal Çelik, as an action, comedy, detective, love, and drama Turkish television series. Timur Acar, Sera Tokdemir, Erdinç Gülener, Sinan Çalışkanoğlu, and Umut Oğuz played the leading roles in the first two seasons of the series Mehtap Bayri took place.

In the third season, the subject and story of the series changed after the separation of the lead roles Timur Acar and Sera Tokdemir, and it was called Lizard: Rebirth. Ahmet Kayakesen, Asena Tuğal, Fatih Doğan and Seda Tosun took part in the lead roles of the 3rd season. Gülbin Aydın and Canan Çelik sat in the director’s chair last. The series said goodbye to the screens with its 85th episode aired on December 24, 2016.

Original Title:Kertenkele
English Title:Lizard
Genre:Comedy, CrimeRomance
Broadcast Network:ATV
Director:Metin Balekoglu, Kartal Çidamli
Producer:Erdogan Sevinç
Writer:Hakan Kandal
Cinematography:Serdar Ünlütürk, Devran Findik
Total Episodes:85

Kertenkele Synopsis

Season 1
On the one hand, Lizard is a known rogue, on the other hand, a professional criminal and thief that Commissioner Ünsal and other policemen could not get hold of. Despite all the efforts of Ünsal Commissioner, who obsessively dedicates his professional life to catching Lizard, Kertenkele has always found a way to get him lost. Until the day he met Deli Kenan, the owner of the villa he thought was empty…

Deli Kenan, who is on the verge of suicide due to the betrayal of his lover, shoots himself despite all the persuasion efforts of Lizard. The blame falls on the Lizard. While fleeing from the cops, the lizard sees a burning house. He saves a small child inside from the fire at the cost of being caught by the police and the mafia. Meanwhile, he is arrested by the police and goes to prison. Lizard, who would rather die than live in captivity, is hospitalized because of the pill he took.

While escaping from the police and the mafia after him, with the imam’s outfit that he got when he tried to escape, he found himself in a neighborhood mosque, Ziya Hodja. He finds himself as an imam. While trying to become an imam with insufficient religious knowledge, Zehra, the beautiful granddaughter of real estate tycoon Ekrem Bey, appears before him. Lizard, who fell in love with Zehra at first sight, decides to steal Zehra’s beautiful heart, who doesn’t like anyone. But there is something he does not know: Unsal Commissioner is Zehra’s brother-in-law.

Lizard works as a fake imam in the neighborhood, trying not to be seen by Zehra’s brother-in-law Ünsal for a long time. Although he is sometimes on the verge of being caught, he always escapes as a result. As a result of her grandfather Ekrem Bey’s insistence, Zehra decides to make a fake marriage in order not to break her grandfather’s heart. For this job, he chooses Ziya Hodja, the Lizard. As a result of this fake marriage, Lizard begins to live in Ekrem Bey’s luxurious mansion as her inner bridegroom.

In the season finale, when Semih, who is the son of Ekrem Bey’s relative, tells Levent and Ünsal that Hodja Ziya is actually a Lizard, and Ünsal Commissioner, Ünsal conveys this to Ekrem Bey and his family. Lizard’s fierce enemy, Socrates, takes his lover and sister captive and attaches a bomb to them in order to avenge Lizard. When the lizard enters the warehouse to save them both, Socrates detonates the bomb in the warehouse.

Season 2
Lizard, who fell into the hospital, lost his memory. Ahmet Şimşek, a religious teacher who looks exactly like him, had an accident and died. Due to the confusion in the hospital, it was thought that instead of Ahmet Şimşek, Lizard was dead. Lizard, who was discharged from the hospital 1 year after and whose memory has still not been restored, continues his life as Ahmet Şimşek.

The muezzin of the neighborhood, Hicabi, and Ünsal, see Lizard for a while, but no one believes them. During this time, Kertenkele studied Religious Culture in a private high school, using the name Ahmet Şimşek does the teaching. While teaching, he occasionally experiences some funny and tension-filled incidents. Meanwhile, Hijabi constantly comes to Lizard’s school and enters his class, and asks him different questions in front of all his students.

On the other hand, Semih insists on marrying Lizard’s sister Betül. Melis, on the other hand, is saved by the Lizard while she is about to commit suicide, but her memory is not stable. Melis thinks that Zehra does not deserve Lizard. That’s why he hides from Zehra that Lizard is alive for a while. In the 42nd episode, Lizard’s memory comes back.

Later, Zehra learns that Lizard is alive. The Lizard took its revenge by having Ünsal imprisoned and detonating Socrates. When a mafia named “Baron” and a mysterious man named “Akıncı” appear, the Baron gives Lizard the task of breaking Ünsal out of prison and forming a team with him. Lizard takes Ünsal out of prison and takes him to the Baron. The Baron makes an offer to Ünsal that he can’t refuse, after working with Lizard for a while, telling him that his last mission will be to kill Lizard. Their first task is to steal the famous Mona Lisa painting and bring it to the Baron.

The second task of Lizard and Ünsal, who successfully stole the Mona Lisa, is an American .their kidnapping of scientist John Steward. However, Steward is protected by the American Secret Service and temporarily by the Turkish Police. Lizard and Ünsal kidnap Steward, and Steward’s men kidnap Zehra. As a result, Kertenkele tells the Baron that he will kill Steward, but Kertenkele and Ünsal return Steward to the Americans to save Zehra.

The Baron then assigns Lizard and Ünsal to steal the 1000-year-old necklace of a Byzantine princess in order to find the first and second parts of a 10-piece map. Lizard and his partner Ünsal succeed in this, but it is later revealed that Socrates did not die and killed the Baron.

Kertenkele’s only goal now is to marry Zehra and start a brand new life as Ahmet Şimşek, But Socrates is not dead and will avenge the Lizard for this. Meanwhile, Lizard learns that he has a daughter named Şeyma from a woman he met years ago when he was a womanizer, and this girl is also Socrates’ own granddaughter. Thanks to Akıncı, the lizard reunites with his daughter Şeyma, but as Socrates is after him, he sends Şeyma to Kastamonu with his sister.

Akıncı, by helping the oppressed people and not showing the light of day to the oppressors, becomes a character whose name is heard by everyone over time. Many people, especially Lizard and Socrates, wonder who Akıncı is and who is after him. One night, Akıncı comes to his place, stands in front of the mirror, and slowly takes off his mask. Akıncı emerges as someone that no one could have predicted. He is the muezzin of the neighborhood, Hijabi. Hijabi took defense and fighting lessons from a very experienced teacher in his childhood and promised his teacher that he would use this skill against the oppressors.

Socrates hires an old friend, an assassin named Ghost, to kill Lizard and Akıncı, but Ghost fails to do this and is killed by Mad Kenan. Socrates, on the other hand, begins to doubt Muezzin Hijabi about Akıncı’s identity during his assassinations, and one night they sneak into Hijabi’s house with his men. Just when he is about to be disappointed, he notices a warehouse on the ground floor of the house and enters it. Socrates learns that Akıncı is Hijabi… In the end, Socrates is killed by the Lizard and Lizard finally rests. When a man nicknamed the Red Dragon living in Germany learned that his brother Ghost was killed, he immediately went to Turkey for revenge, comes to

The Red Dragon decides to kill all his loved ones together with the Akıncı, whom he thinks is the murderer of his brother Ghost. First, he killed Deli Kenan and his men and Şevket with his sword .cuts. Deli Kenan and Sevket are taken to the hospital and survived, but Kenan’s men die. Ünsal Commissioner and Levent take action after detecting the presence of the Red Dragon in Turkey.

In the season finale, Unsal Commissioner is killed with a gun by a man of the Red Dragon. Zehra is also kidnapped. A bomb explodes in Melis and Kara Kemal’s car, Hicabi and her lover Gizem are bombarded with bullets. Lizard goes to save his lover Zehra. But the Red Dragon sets fire to Zehra’s hut and cuts the Lizard with her sword and hurls it into the abyss. Finally, Ejder, who fights with Akıncı, falls into the abyss, but he takes Akıncı with him when he goes.

Season 3
Due to the massacres committed by the Red Ejder last season, Lizard, Zehra, Ünsal Commissioner, Akıncı, and Red Ejder died, and it has been almost two years since the whole thing happened. Everyone in the neighborhood has built a life of their own: Yenge Tülin married Azmi Hodja, and they started to live in the mansion with their stepchildren.

Years later, when a commissioner named Murat and Zehra’s cousin Zeynep Şanlı move to the neighborhood, the old notebooks will be reopened. Because both Murat Commissioner and Zeynep Şanlı have a big secret about their past and they both hate the Red Dragon. The truth of the matter is Murat Commissioner and Zeynep Şanlı, Lizard, and Zehra themselves. they are not known just because they changed their faces with plastic surgery and they are trying to avenge each other without knowing that each other is alive.

In addition, when it is revealed that the Red Dragon and Akıncı are not dead, a struggle begins again between the two sides. Lizard, after being shown deadHe is raised as a National Intelligence Agency agent and continues his life as a police officer and an intelligence agent on the other. By working with intelligence, he wants to seize the Council, which is a secret organization in Turkey, headed by the Red Dragon, and also tries to avenge Zehra by killing the Red Dragon.

Lizard, who finally managed to kill the Red Dragon and dissolve the Council, after parting ways with Intelligence, learns from Intelligence that Zehra is alive and is actually the Masked Girl. The mysterious man in intelligence asks him to bring Akıncı personally if he wants Zehra to find out who he is. Lizard also learns that Akıncı is Hijabi and brings Hicabi to the agent in the agency. But the agent does not believe that Hijabi is Akinci; Therefore, Lizard has to find Zehra on her own. Lizard, who continues his life only as a police officer, accidentally reaches Zeynep’s diaries and learns that Zeynep is actually Zehra.

In the final, both Zehra and Lizard and Gizem and Hicabi get married. Lizard not only gets rid of all the troubles in his past but also starts a clean life with Akıncı in the Police Department …


Erdinç Gülener as Ünsal

Cansu Gultekin as Büsra

Dilsad Simsek as Melis-Bickin

Züleyha Karyagdi as Gülten

Fatih Dogan as Akinci

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