Keske Hiç Büyümeseydik − I Wish We Never Grew Up (TV Series 2018)

Keske Hiç Büyümeseydik (English Title: I Wish We Never Grew Up) is a Turkish family comedy-drama featuring Ege Aydan as Hulusi Handiri & Burcu Kara as Serpil Ulukis.

Original Title:Keske Hiç Büyümeseydik
English Title:I Wish We Never Grew Up
Genre:Comedy, DramaFamily
Broadcast Network:Show TV
Director:Mustafa Ugur Yagcioglu
Producer:Birol Güven
Writer:Murat Aras
Cinematography:Mehmet Eren Nayir, Aydin Sarioglu
Total Episodes:4

Keske Hiç Büyümeseydik Synopsis

I Wish We Never Grew Up; Hulusi is a man who has reached the end of his seventies, raised his four children, and prepared them for life, but spent the last days of his life alone. Our story begins with his death. The children, tossed around by life, return to the neighborhood where they grew up to do their last duty to their father. But they also brought their problems with them.

All of them have memories in their minds of either happy childhood with their father or regret for delaying it. The regrets of what they have done or failed to do so far hit their faces. Time is no longer as happy as in their childhood, and not as fast as their youth…. The children have grown up, they have their own families, and each of them is now worried about them. They neglected each other, this house, and most importantly, their parents, who were lovingly attached to them.

Now, years later, they have come together again at the same table, but the past time has taken a lot with it. How did these brothers, who watch each other’s backs and share their joy, come to this? As in the past, this time, there is not happy laughter at the dinner table, but the problems between them and the feelings of guilt they feel towards their father.

Close relatives who say ‘Death is right, inheritance is halal’ have already begun to dream of property division. Painful children understand that time is not the only thing they have lost over the years. The moral values ​​they tried to protect have also disappeared. How did the brothers who share the same bread at the same table come to the point where they could not share the house they grew up in?


Burcu Kara

Burcu Kara as Serpil Ulukis

Burcu Kara (born 1 March 1980) is a Turkish actress. Burcu graduated from the Anadolu University Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences Economy Department in 2000.

In 2002, she was being a correspondent and news reporter in Channel D News; editor and news reporter in Radio D and Radio Foreks; host in “Bi Dünya Tasarim” program during 3 seasons in the channel TRT Türk TV. Burcu Kara got an acting training by Sahika Tekand.

Ege Aydan as Hulusi Handiri

Açelya Akkoyun as Mukaddes Handiri

Murat Kiliç as Sadik Handiri

Deniz Celiloglu as Ufuk Handiri

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