Kralice Episode 11 Release Date? What will happen in Kralice new episode?

Kralice Episode 11 English Subtitle release date will be on Wednesday, June 7th at 21:00. This article contains spoilers for the FOX‘s television series Kralice Episode 11 English subtitle and coordinates the movement date and where to watch on the web.

Kralice Episode 11 Summary

Deniz has decided to make her live whatever Ateş made her live. Hard days await Ateş. On the other hand, Gaye continues to fight Deniz with the last trump card in her hand. Deniz now has to find a way to get rid of the deal she made with Gaye.

Although Zeynep and Selim could not confess, they fell in love with each other. Zeynep tells Selim that if she doesn’t have surgery, she won’t be in her life. Selim is left alone with a very difficult decision. Narin took Aslan away. Ali makes one last move to reunite with Aslan at the expense of his parole. This situation brings the Gencer brothers face to face with the loss of the farm. Will Deniz, Zeynep and Ali be able to fulfill their father’s will and keep the farm in their hands?

Kralice Episode 10 Summary

Deniz has faced all the facts. This time everything will be different. He tells Mahir that he wants a divorce; but that’s not enough to quell the anger inside him. He will disgrace Ateş and Gaye.

Unaware that Deniz has learned everything, Ateş gets an offer from a big club in Istanbul. Everything is going as planned in the end. Ali, who kidnapped his son Aslan in order not to give him to Narin, will hide with Aslan in a place that no one would think of.

As Selim finally takes a step towards Zeynep, Zeynep gets confused.

While Deniz is executing his plan perfectly, Ateş begins to suspect Deniz’s behavior. Will Deniz be able to take his revenge?

Kralice Episode 9 Summary

Deniz’s doubts about whether there is something between Gaye and Ateş are increasing day by day. On the other hand, Ateş is trying to cope with the turmoil in his career. While Deniz and Zeynep look for a way to get Narin out of their lives, Selim’s efforts to distance Zeynep from himself bring them closer. Deniz is shaken by an unexpected information. While the pieces of the puzzle are being completed, will Deniz be able to reach the truth?

Kralice Episode 8 Summary

Due to the intensity of his naval work, he has neglected Ateş a lot and this is exactly what Gaye wants. Zeynep conveys the terrible truth about Aslan to Deniz, and while the two brothers try to decide what to do, in the away match in Ankara, events that Ateş never expected will happen…

Kralice Episode 7 Summary

While Gaye makes a brand new plan to end the marriage of Ateş and Deniz, the agenda is completely different at the farm. Zeynep is torn between Selim and Engin while questioning Aslan’s blood tests. Deniz, on the other hand, will find herself in a new trap while planning to be with Ateş at the launch.

Kralice Episode 6 Summary

Deniz concentrates on the work of the farm after she decides to give her marriage to Ateş another chance. Ali, who attacks the Engin commissioner over Zeynep’s secret affair, will once again get into trouble.

The brothers, who will face Zeynep, make a positive return to Gaye’s offer and invite her to the farm, unaware of the game played against them. The big secret that Ateş will learn will set him on an irreversible path.

Kralice Episode 5 Summary

Deniz, unaware of Gaye’s past with Ateş, who wants to invest in the farm, agrees to meet with him. While Ateş is trying to gain Deniz’s trust, he is unaware of Gaye’s game. Zeynep and Ali, on the other hand, have to face him in a completely different way at the end of the game they play against Ziya.

Kralice Episode 4 Summary

Deniz reacts strongly to both her sister and her husband after learning the secrets Zeynep and Ateş have shared in the past. While Ali wants to earn an additional income thanks to the job he found in the warehouse, he will enter into a dangerous game with the offer made to him. While Deniz was planning to open a divorce case by meeting with Mahir, she decided to respond to Ateş’s game with a game.

Kralice Episode 3 Summary

After their press conference, Deniz leaves Ateş and the house. When he goes to the farm, he sees that it has been sealed by the bank and that his brothers Zeynep and Ali are thrown at the door with the children.

While Deniz, Zeynep and Ali are in a fight to take back the farm, Ateş is confident that Deniz will return. But it won’t take long for him to go to the farm on the pretext of seeing his daughter.

Kralice Episode 2 Summary

While Deniz is trying to overcome the effects of what she has been through, Ateş sets out to prove his innocence and seek his right with the anger of being wrongfully accused.

Things are not going well on the farm either. Zeynep and Ali are shocked when they learn the extent of their father’s debts. While Ateş is torn between making an offer to Deniz that will affect their lives; Deniz, Zeynep and Ali are shocked when they learn a secret from their father through lawyer Mahir.

Kralice Episode 1 Summary

Deniz and Ateş, one of the country’s famous basketball players, are happily married. The whole country is shaken by scandalous news about the basketball team players. With the video that emerges in the team’s next match, Deniz and Ateş are on everyone’s lips.

Upon the image of her husband with an escort girl, Deniz went down to the field in the middle of the match and attacked Ateş. While all this is going on, Deniz’s father, who lives in his farm in Kefken, has a stroke and dies. Deniz, whose marriage was shaken and her father lost, will have to start life again with her siblings Zeynep and Ali.

Kralice Plot, Story, Synopsis

The Kralice is the story of a family whose lives were turned upside down in a single day and “re-existing by holding on to its roots”…

When the name of Ateş, one of the most famous basketball players in the country, is involved in a big scandal, the life they have established with his wife Deniz is turned upside down. While Ateş and Deniz, who are the protagonists of this scandal that the whole country is talking about, have not yet recovered from the impact of this incident, Deniz suddenly loses his father, who lives in Kefken, a coastal town very close to Istanbul.

Deniz, who lost her husband, to whom she was attached with great love, and her father, to whom she was attached with great love, at the same time, is forced to come together with her sister Zeynep and brother Ali, who are always in conflict, on the heirloom farm. The three brothers, who come together at their father’s funeral, realize that things are not going well on the farm and that his father had big problems before he died.

While she is losing her “perfect” life with her husband Ateş and daughter Rüya, and her great “love” for her husband, Deniz is also faced with other problems in her father’s house… 

Ateş, on the other hand, said, “The rape scandal on the road!” As the legendary captain of a team that is agitated by the war, he struggles to regain his innocence and Deniz’s love.

Ateş, who will not give up on the life he has built with his daughters Rüya, and his wife Deniz, whom he is passionately in love with, is willing to do everything to win back his family and not leave Deniz’s life.

Neither the great love of Deniz and Ateş nor the past conflicts of Deniz, Zeynep, and Ali, who are brothers from the same father, will not end, each member of this family, which has come to the point of starting life from scratch, will try to recreate themselves by confronting their roots and destinies.

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