Mehmet Günsür

Mehmet Günsür (born 8 May 1975) is a Turkish model, actor, and producer. He began his acting career at the age of seven in various commercials.

Profile Name: Mehmet Günsür
Height: 5′1″
Born:  8 May 1975
Birth Place: Fatih, Turkey
Currently Dating: Married (Katerina Mongio)
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Günsür was born in 1975 as the second child of a family of Tatar descent (a Turkic ethnic subgroup). His mother, Sibel, was a lecturer and his father, Teoman, was an industrial engineer who graduated from the Middle East Technical University and worked in a number of different sectors. His older sister Zeynep Günsür Yüceil, who is a choreographer of modern ballet, is also a lecturer.

At the age of 14, he appeared in Okan Uysaler’s Past Spring Mimoses with actors such as Rutkay Aziz, Filiz Akın, and Müşfik Kenter. After graduating from the Italian High School, he entered the Marmara University Communication Faculty and graduated with honors. Günsür gave concerts with a music group and ran a restaurant for four years. With a friend’s help, he auditioned for a role in the movie Hamam. After the trial shot, he was accepted for the role and the film was directed by Ferzan Özpetek. After this film, he decided to turn to act.

Günsür got married on 17 July 2006 to the Italian documentalist Caterina Mongio, whom he met in 2004. They have 3 children.

Movies And TV Series


1989Geçmiş Bahar MimozalarıSabih
1999Sır DosyasıAyhan İnce
2001Don Matteo
2003Pilli BebekTarık
2004Kasırga İnsanlarıSinan
2005–2006Beyaz GelincikMustafa Aslanbaş
2007–2008Bıçak SırtıMehmet Ertuğrul
2012–2014Muhteşem YüzyılŞehzade Mustafa
2017–2018FiDeniz Sarızeybek
2019–2021The GiftErhan
2021La Compagnia del CignoTeoman Kaya


1999Hayal Kurma OyunlarıFutbolcu
2003Il papa buonoDon Paolo
2003O Şimdi AskerNihat Denizer
2004Non ci sarebbe niente da fare!
2005Anlat İstanbulRıfkı
2007Fall Down DeadStefan Kerchek
2008Se chiudi gli occhi
2010Matrimoni e altri disastriAndrea
2011Aşk Tesadüfleri SeverÖzgür Turgut
2014Unutursam FısıldaTarık Ertuğrul
2017İstanbul KırmızısıYusuf
2017Martıların EfendisiŞenol

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