Melisa Akman

Melisa Akman (born 21st Dec 1990) is a Turkish Actress. Akman, who studied at the Theater Department of Mimar Sinan University, started her acting career with the Magnificent Century series in 2012.

Profile Name: Melisa Akman
Height: 5′5″
Born: December 21, 1990
Birth Place: Istanbul, Turkey
Currently Dating: Not Known
Instagram Profile:

Melisa Akman, who starred in many TV series and films such as “Kanatsız Kuşlar (Birds Without Wings)”, “Sarki Söyleyen Kadinlar (Singing Women)”, “Ümmü Sibyan Zifir”, “Koca Dünya (Big World)”, finally takes the lead role with Oğuzhan Uğur in the movie “Borç Harç”, in which Efe Hızır sits in the director’s chair.

Movies And TV Series

2020 – Maids (Derin) (TV Series)
2019 – Atiye (Anima) (TV Series)
2018 – Borç Morç (Motion Picture)
2017 – Kanatsız Kuşlar (Birds Without Wings) (Original) (TV Series)
2016 – Koca Dünya (Fortune Teller) (Motion Picture)
2014 – Ümmü Sibyan: Zifir (Motion Picture)
2013 – Sarki Söyleyen Kadinlar (Singing Women) (Girl in the Market) (Motion Picture)
2012 – Magnificent Century (Gülizar Hatun) (TV Series)

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