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Mukemmel Eslesme Episode 4 is a Turkish-made romantic comedy television series directed by Emre Kavuk and written by Birol Güven, the first episode of which will be broadcast on July 16, 2022, and is signed by MinT Motion Pictures. The leading roles in the series are Ahmet Kayakesen, Gizem Sevim, Asuman Dabak, Neslihan Yeldan and Eylül Öztürk.

What will happen in Mukemmel Eslesme Episode 4 English Subtitles?

The letter to Fadime is a matter of great curiosity for family members. Although everyone is curious about what is written in the letter, Fadime does not give a secret. From whom did the letter come? What is written in the letter?

Whatever is written in the letter, nothing will be the same for Fadime and all her family members. Although Fadime hides this letter from everyone, the letter reaches Ahmet. Ahmet now has a huge trump card against Fadime. Kerem has prepared a very romantic surprise for Pınar. When Pınar meets Kerem’s surprise, she falls in love with him once again.

On the other hand, the girl side invites the boy side home for dinner. There is a feverish preparation at home for the future of the male side. Firuze and Fadime, who cook a variety of dishes for the male side, are unaware of the great mishap that will happen to them at the last moment. The male side, on the other hand, had great expectations for this dish. The male side, who comes to the girl’s house with their bellies extremely hungry, is shocked by the sight they encounter.

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Mukemmel Eslesme Episode 4 Release Date

Mukemmel Eslesme (Perfect Match) Turkish Drama Series Episode 4 starring Ahmet Kayakesen, Gizem Sevim, Asuman Dabak, Neslihan Yeldan and Eylül Öztürk premieres on TRT1 in Turkey on August 6, 2022, at 20:00.

Mukemmel Eslesme Last Episode Summary

Kerem, who is strongly against arranged marriage, met and met Pınar with the force of his family, but later began to be influenced by her. At the same time, Kerem, who started to work with Pınar at the same workplace, enjoys Pınar’s discipline, hard work, being a successful businesswoman, helpfulness, and goodwill.

Kerem, who convinces Pınar and helps the families meet, makes a decision during the meeting. She is sure now, that she wants to marry Pınar. Kerem organizes a surprise marriage proposal for Pınar. Everyone is aware that Kerem is going to propose to Pınar and everyone is a part of this game. Kerem, who proposes to Pınar at work, in front of everyone, shocks Pınar.

Shocked by Kerem’s marriage proposal, Pınar does not know what to say and immediately leaves the scene. The fact that Pınar leaves without saying anything turns Kerem upside down. What will happen next between Kerem and Pınar is a matter of great curiosity. Nothing will ever be the same again for both of them.

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