Özge Özpirinçci announced! “Kurt Efe looks a lot like his father”

Kurt Efe, son of Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ and Başak Dizer, who got married in Paris, the capital of France, in 2016, was born on Friday morning, April 15. The famous couple had the happiness of becoming parents for the first time.

According to the news of Onur Aydın from Habertürk; Özge Özpirinçci was spotted in Etiler the previous day.

Özpirinçci, who came out of a flower shop and got into his car, asked the reporters, “Are you going to see Kurt Efe?” “We went to visit the other day and saw Kurt Efe as well. He is very healthy and very sweet. May Allah protects him from the evil eye.” gave the answer.


“A friend came to Mercan too.” Özpirinçci said, “Who did Kurt Efe look like?” also answered the question. The 36-year-old actor said, “It changes as he grows up, but he looks a lot like Kıvanç.” used the expressions.

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