Ramo (TV Series 2020)

Ramon (English title: Ramo) Icc film signed the first part was published on 14 January 2020, the director’s chair M. Çağatay Tosun his seat, scenario soil Karaoğlu, Seda Karaoğlu, and Birol Tezcan trio in action and drama penned by Turkish-made television series. Ramo, played by Murat Yıldırım, the leading actor of the series, is based on a real character. 

Original Title:Ramo
English Title:Ramo
Genre:Action, Drama
Broadcast Network:Show TV
Director:Çagatay Tosun, Yagiz Alp Akaydin
Producer:Necati Akpinar, Nukhet Ozel
Writer:Deniz Karaoglu, Toprak Karaoglu
Cinematography:Özkan Bal, Cihan Yesiltarla
Total Episodes:40

Ramo Synopsis

Esra Bilgic who had huge success in Dirilus Ertugrul is the lead female actress who will perform alongside Ramo (Murat Yildirim). Both bring a wealth of talent and experience to the new highly anticipated series. Yilmaz Sahin write the script and Yagiz Alp Akaydin will sit in the director’s chair.

The Show is about the leader of a family who lives in Adana. The family lives in the infamous, poor, and problematic yet fun neighborhood called Taskapi Street. The family has its own rules and traditions in the neighborhood. Their name is “Pompacilar Cetesi” (Pupers Gang”). Ramo is the brave leader of his family and the neighborhood. They mainly smuggle diesel oil for their boss Cengiz. Ramo and his family do all the dirty work but no one gives them enough money, Cengiz always gets the money from them. He only gives Ramo and his family enough to live on. Ramo can’t take the treatment his family is receiving, so he decides to end this suffering no matter what happens. He doesn’t care if he lives or dies. Thus the war begins. But Ramo’s real war is actually against his love for Sibel, who is the daughter of their rival family. Ramo’s and her family stopped talking to each other because of a matter that happened many years ago. After that, the two families start to argue and fight. Even Ramo and Sibel are quite the opposite. Sibel is a delicate person and a rightful lawyer and Ramo is a leader who always acts tough and applies his own rules.


Esra Bilgiç

Esra Bilgic as Sibel

The female lead character played by Esra Bilgiç, is a well-educated woman who is the daughter of Cengiz and the love interest of Ramo. Her complicated relationship with Ramo when he and her father fight plays out as the main plot of the story.

Murat Yildirim as Ramo

The main character of the series played by Murat Yıldırım. He is the leader of his neighborhood Taskapi and its local gang known as the Pumpers who works for Cengiz by smuggling gasoline and oil, After mistreatment is given to his family, he seeks to topple Cengiz.

Mehmet Sait Ergenç as Kirpi

Bulut Genç as Salim

Gorkem Sevindik as Boz

Where to watch

Turkish Language
Youtube | Show Tv

English Subtitles
Various Websites are Translating this series in English subtitles. Below are the links to the site.
ALAcom | TurkFans | Promix TV


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