Sahipli – Owned (TV Series 2017)

Sahipli (English Title: Owned) is a horror-thriller internet series directed by Alper Mestçi in 2017 as special BluTV content. The series was produced by D Productions for BluTV.

Original Title:Sahipli
English Title:Owned
Genre:Drama, Horror, Thriller
Broadcast Network:Blu TV
Director:Alper Mestçi
Producer:Ayse Durmaz
Writer:Selim Erkul
Cinematography:Cem Gul
Total Episodes:10

Sahipli Synopsis

Two horny lovers of history. And the oddities that shaped around this love. Busra, who decided to return as a pseudo-doctor after years of disaster, takes an irrevocable journey with Selim. The node of the storyline, which is increasing step by step, will still be almost insoluble by a better understanding of Selim and Busra.



Seda Türkmen

Seda Turkmen as Hulya

Seda Türkmen (November 14, 1986, İzmir) is a Turkish actress. She received the Best Supporting Actress Award at the Adana Film Festival. She is the winner of the 22nd Sadri Alışık Theater and Cinema Actor Awards in the field of theater as a Supporting Actress.

After graduating from university, she moved to Istanbul and started to take part in various theatre plays. Seda Turkmen took attention with her role in the popular Turkish drama In Between (Fatih Harbiye).

Funda Güray as Busra

Baran Akbulut as Selim

Ferit Kaya as Aziz

Koray Sahinbas as Memur Halil

Where to watch

Turkish Language
Blu TV

English Subtitles
Various Websites are Translating this series in English subtitles. Below are the links to the site.
AskLaftanAnlamazinHindi | TurkishFam | Osnsub | Kinemania

Hindi/Urdu Dubbed

MX Player | Youtube

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