Sen Benimsin − You Are Mine (TV Series 2015)

Sen Benimsin (English Title: You Are Mine), the first episode of which was published on 19 June 2015, produced by Med Yapım and MF Yapım, directed by Kudret Sabancı, written by Savaş Korkmaz, starring Gökhan Keser, Rüveyda Öksüz, Güven Hokna, Seda Akman. It is a drama and love Turkish television seriesshared by Esra Kızıldoğan, Ruhi Sarı and Burak Sergen and broadcast on FOX. The series said goodbye to the screens with its 13th episode, which was released on September 13, 2015.

Original Title:Sen Benimsin
English Title:You Are Mine
Broadcast Network:FOX TV
Director:Kudret Sabanci
Producer:Efe Irvül, Yasar Irvül
Writer:Pinar Ordu, Serdar Soydan
Cinematography:Hüseyin Devrim
Total Episodes:13

Sen Benimsin Synopsis

Ejder and Nagme’s families who have met each other in a traffic accident and fall in love with each other unaware of the marriage decision are not accepted by both families. From the moment she stepped into the Avengers Farm, Nagme realizes that there is a sad story behind every door. Nagme belief in this marriage is shaken after learning that these four walls hide a very important secret about Ejder. But she will not give up this love.


Gökhan Keser as Ejder Yenilmez

Ruveyda Öksuz as Nagme Yenilmez

Ruhi Sari as Ahlas Toprak

Burak Sergen as Simal Toprak

Dila Danisman as Elvan Zorlu

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