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Seversin Episode 2 which will release on 8th June 2022 is a Turkish romantic comedy television series signed by D Productions, directed by Serdar Gözelekli, written by Barış Erdoğan and İlker Arslan, starring Burak Yörük and İlayda Alişan, and will start broadcasting on Kanal D on June 1, 2022.

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What will happen in Seversin Episode 2 English Subtitles?

Asya turns down the offer to star in the drama. When Selin and Suzan take over the matter and pull Nazli over to their side, Nazli convinces Asya to play in the series. Şerife will also stand behind her daughters. Even though Kadir is very upset with Asya’s decision, he can’t do anything.

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Asya starts acting by overcoming all the problems, but the real danger waiting for her is Tolga Tuna. Since Tolga believes that Asya will not be successful, he does his best to get her away from this job as soon as possible.

The set environment is something Tolga has been familiar with since he was little, while Asya is like a fish out of water. But while Tolga seizes this opportunity and tries to be the only star of the TV series by crushing Asia, he will pay a heavy price for underestimating Asia.

Seversin Last Episode Summary

Asya goes to watch the TV series of the famous actor Tolga Tuna with her older sister Nazlı, who wants to be an actress. When Tolga Tuna is a little rude to Nazlı who wants to take a selfie with her, Asya puts Tolga in her place.

While Tolga is on the verge of falling into the abyss financially with the cancellation of the TV series, thanks to his manager Nesrin, he gets the chance to take a role in the new series by the famous producer Bahri. However, no actress wants to work with Tolga for the lead role.

When Bahri is about to give up on Tolga, Nesrin comes to the rescue again and offers to hold an open audition for the female lead actress. When Asya’s older sister Nazli hears about the casting, she decides to join.

Nazli is an ambitious player with potential, but as a result of a series of coincidences, it will be their fate for Asya to become Tolga’s partner. While Asya suddenly finds herself in the lead role of a romantic comedy series that she is not at all interested in, Tolga, the lover of young girls, will pay a heavy price for underestimating Asya.

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