Şevkat Yerimdar (TV Series 2017-2018)

Şevkat Yerimdar is a 2017 Turkish comedy television series. The first part of the production was published on May 26, 2017, directed by Bülent İşbilen and written by Erol Hızarcı; Özgürcan Çevik and Başak Parlak play the leading roles. The script of the series is independent of the previous films of the same name. It ended with the 44th episode aired on March 30, 2018, by making a final.

Şevkat Yerimdar Synopsis

Sevkat is a righteous lad who has unruly nature. He meets with Esin in a peculiar way when she visits his neighborhood for some reason.


Özgürcan CevikSevkat Yerimdar
Basak ParlakEsin Ucar
Salih KalyonCevdet Ucar
Burak DemirNiko
Suzan AksoyMarika

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