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Sıla Türkoğlu, the beautiful actress of Emanet, disappeared in secret! The production company disclosed the facts!

Sıla Türkoğlu, who appeared on the screens for a while with the "Oath" series and shared the lead role with Halil İbrahim Ceyhan in the "Emanet" series. Recently, she is on the agenda with the trouble she has experienced with the production she has acted in. Türkoğlu, who did not participate in the shooting of the season finale of the series "Emanet", in which she played a leading role, fell like a bomb on the agenda. Karamel Productions announced that it will take legal action for the lead actress, Sıla Türkoğlu, who had to play a stunt because she did not participate in the season finale of the series. After the production company's words, "It has put us under a great moral and material burden against our interlocutors," eyes were turned to Sıla Türkoğlu. Here are all the things that happened between Sıla Türkoğlu and the production.

The statement made by Karamel Production, the production company of the ‘Emanet’ series, which is screened every weekday evening on Channel 7: “Sıla Türkoğlu, the lead actress of our series, informed our company that she did not want to be in the third season, and this request was not deemed appropriate by us as her contract and story continue. In the last week of the shooting, our actor informed us through his lawyer that his contract should be terminated immediately, otherwise he would not be on the set. This request was also rejected by us as the contract is still ongoing.

Unfortunately, our actress Sıla Türkoğlu did not participate in the shooting of the season finale, causing the final to be completed with a stunt double. The actor also did not participate in the teaser shots of the new season, which was requested by the production, and completely cut off all communication with our company. This attitude, which is incompatible with professional principles and universal ethical rules, has put us under a great moral and material burden against our interlocutors.

We would like to express that we are particularly sorry for this situation caused by our player, who has victimized our viewers, our broadcaster channel, Kanal 7, accompanying the distributor company and broadcaster channels abroad, with their behavior, which exceeds millions in the country and abroad. Hereby, all these unlawful acts of our players are being evaluated by us and our legal team. We will take all necessary legal remedies in line with the result to be reached. We announce it to our valuable viewers at home and abroad, our broadcaster channel, and our broadcasters abroad.

Finally, Regardless of the circumstances, we would like to express with all sincerity that we are determined to continue the journey of Safety, which was brought to life with the devotion of a large team of approximately 120 people, by doing our best.”

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  1. What nonsense, rude and threatening statement by the production.
    Bravo Sila Turkoglu for leaving this toxic environment, the production and team of writers have been destroying Seher’s character right through Season 2 and now it seems they want to destroy Sila’s character as well, disgusting. This used to be my favorite Turkish series, which by the way, I am from South Africa and I only watch Turkish series and movies, nothing else. Emanet promised to be the most pure, beautiful love story ever, we were all invested, thanks to the phenomenal acting and portraying of the characters by Sila Turkoglu and Halil Ibrahim Ceyhan. Then the team of writers brought us the disastrous Season 2. Dragging plots for 878799 episodes etc etc. I will always support #SilaTurkoglu and #HalilIbrahimCeyhan in whatever they choose for their future career paths. Unfortunately for me, no Sila no Emanet, nobody can replace her.

  2. No one can play this role for two years. To cry non-stop, to be buried alive, abused in every way, for some money for nothing. Spectators from abroad understood her gesture. A sick scenario, a second century mentality.

  3. The story started of tough, became beautiful and romantic and when season two premiered, God lord, all hell broke loose with the plot twists and the ugly plot. Ugh
    Things went from bad to worse to ugly.
    The writers basically destroyed EMANET.
    Plus i also noticed that the actors can wear the same clothes from time to time.
    It’s like the whole thing was on a low or creepy bugdet.
    My thoughts


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