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This move by Can Yaman angered the Journalists! They Turned the camera off!

Famous actor Can Yaman, who has signed projects abroad, especially in Italy as well as in Turkey, attended the launch night of the world-famous broadcasting platform Disney+. Journalists, who were disturbed by the attitude of Can Yaman, who did not speak to the members of the press at the entrance of the event, reacted and turned off the camera on the famous actor.

Famous actor Can Yaman attended the Turkey launch night of the broadcasting platform Disney+. Can Yaman, who allegedly left the questions of the press unanswered while entering the event area, drew the reaction of the journalists.

Can Yaman

Press members, ignoring Yaman, said, “He is the Italian Star and does not need the Turkish press?” and other reporters cheered him.

Can Yaman at Disney Plus Event

Can Yaman, many people have reacted after the images spread on social media, has many ‘Ego Yaman’, ‘Man is now a world star! He won’t be in contact with the Turkish press, but he will shoot TV series in Turkey…’ he received many critical comments.

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